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Gaga: Five Foot Two

2017 . Music, Documentary . 1h 40m

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Go behind the scenes with pop provocateur Lady Gaga as she releases a bold new album and prepares for her Super Bowl halftime show.


Lady Gaga, Bobby Campbell, Mark Ronson, Florence Welch, Donatella Versace


Chris Moukarbel






08 Sep 2017



Christopher Thorsell image

4 months ago


Really interesting story behind the scenes of Lady Gaga without all the glamour and an actual picture of her real struggles. I really got a lot of respect for her after watching this. And A Star IS Born has another dimension knowing some of her story as that also builds on part of her own life.


Morten V Schroeder image

4 months ago


I'm a bit torn about this one. I did not enjoy the first 30 min and was close to giving up and calling it a day. It just didn't draw me in. It feelt like a camera rolling and Gaga just talking and no real plot. It got more interesting in the second half of the documentary when it seemed to have a purpose.. Building towards something. I felt the producers could have done a better job building a storyline into the documentary. I was also hoping for more of her story and climb to fame. Instead it was just a moment in her life! On the positive side, it's VERY raw, doesn't feel very filtered or edited. At one point Gaga takes off her bikini in the middle of a meeting by her pool and cameras just keep on rolling. I admire that and I think it speaks to her person. At another point in time her manager openly says he dropped molly 30 min earlier. Also not edited out. I appreciate that honesty in the documentary. Favorite moment: When she goes into a Walmart and asks for the new Lady Gaga album and the clerk goes: Lady who?


Cecilie Kaas Sørensen

6 months ago


That woman is just EVERYTHING