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Bécassine - Le Trésor Viking

2001 . Family, Animation, Fantasy . 1h 25m




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About the movie

Known and loved by generations of children, Pinchon's classic Bécassine is now a feature-length movie. A cross between Mary Poppins and Mr Bean, Bécassine is the nanny every child dreams of having ! Her mismatched green dress, white apron and red-and-white striped socks might look a little strange, but the gawky Bécassine is a truly lovable character. Her adventures begin when Bécassine arrives in Paris to take care of Charlotte, the daughter of one of her former charges. Bécassine and Charlotte get caught up in a fanatic and comical adventure filled with song and dance. They race from Paris to Marseilles to Ibiza and Lapland trying to unravel the mystery of what happened to Charlotte's father, Edmond. What is he running from ? What secret is he trying to protect ? Will Charlotte's family escape the evil clutches of Gaspard, a so-called family friend ?




12 Dec 2001

Original Title:

Bécassine - Le Trésor Viking


Family, Animation, Fantasy


1h 25m

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