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The Count of Monte Cristo

1996 . Animation, Drama, Adventure . 44 m




43 total


About the movie

Animation - Swashbuckling heroes, cool sidekicks, exciting adventure, and trecherous villains fill The Count of Monte Cristo in this hip animated musical based on the original classic. From the first rousing sailor's song to the last duel, it's a story your family will treasure forever. The magic begins in France in 1815 where Edmond Dantes is to marry his true love, Mercedes. But three jealous scoundrels betray their betrothal and frame him for robbery. Years later, after a daring escape from the frightening Chateau D'If prison, Edmond returns to France to seek his revenge disguised as the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo! - Benedict Campbell, Alyson Court, Tony Daniels


Not Rated




01 Jan 1996

Original Title:

The Count of Monte Cristo


Animation, Drama, Adventure


44 m

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