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Manager Of The Shaolin Hall

Manager Of The Shaolin Hall

1982 . Comedy, Drama, Action . 1h 23m




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Manager Of The Shaolin Hall

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About the movie

Mang-wol, a master of martial arts, has doubts about the life he has led. Taking Yong, the son of Pak who he had nearly killed in a fight, Mang-wol disappears. As time passes, Mang-wol teaches Yong martial arts. Yong becomes an adult. He goes into the city to get medicine for Mang-wol. Yong runs into Nan-si, a woman of the Shaolin training hall, who takes all his gold. Yong is unable to defeat Paeng's fighting skills but Mang-wol saves him from his predicament. Paeng knows that Mang-wol is the enemy who killed Yong's father. Paeng searches out Mang-wol. Yong deceives Mang-wol and goes to see Nan-si. Yong becomes the manager of the Shaolin Hall but Paeng cruelly beats him up and Yong returns to Mang-wol. Mang-wol tells Yong the truth about his past and dies in a fight with Paeng. Yong practices the new fighting technique he's developed and fights Paeng.




03 Dec 1982

Original Title:

Manager Of The Shaolin Hall


Comedy, Drama, Action


1h 23m


martial arts

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