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2019 . Action, History, War, Romance . 2h 51m

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About the movie

During 18th century India, the Marathas emerged as the most powerful empire in the nation until the Afghan King Ahmad Shah Abdali plans to take over India. Sadashiv Rao Bhau is brought in to save the empire from the king which then leads to the third battle of Panipat.


Not Rated


हिन्दी, Türkçe


06 Dec 2019

Original Title:



Action, History, War, Romance


2h 51m


3 nominations


india, history of india, marathi kingdom

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Ankit Lamba

10 months ago


'PANIPAT' enthralls you completely. Its impact lives in your mind till some hours after the movie ends. Story of panipat war and betrayal done to maratha's is a well known history read by each one of us in various serials, books, articles.Because of that Ashutosh Gowarikar didn't waste his time teaching us the history behind it. His focus was limited to Sadashivrao, his braveness and war skills. Also he has meticulously shown the lack of astuteness and statesmanship of sadashivrao. He has also shown some internal rifts in the peshwas but has not highlighted it that much. He has taken cinematic liberty in some scenes. Some dialogues were unncessarly evoking nationalism which was illogical and irrelevant keeping the geography of india at that time. There was no concept of one nation at that time till british came to rule us. So I found that one mistake. Acting by all the star cast is superb. When I watched trailer I was little bit doubtful about Arjun Kapoors capacity. But dnt worry he has carried on the responsibility very well. Applauds to him. Sanjay datt is appropriate choice for abdali. Kriti Sanon is not looked like a marathi girl but her hard work was seen in some scenes. There was much number of marathi artists in the film. Mohnish behl was seen as Nanasaheb peshwa and his wife gopikabai was donned by padmini kolhapure. Director has used technology very efficiently to portray the war scenes to give authenticity to them.'Panipat’ delves into a significant chapter in history and is a war drama that lauds the unshakeable bravery, courage and the strong principles of the Maratha. They had every chance of getting the throne of delhi since at that time no one was capable to match their power and british were struggling to find root. That chance was not taken. When sadashivrao decides to go further into war and despite he knows he was lacking with resources and armoury then also he showed unnecessary bravery. Abdali had offered him decent deal which he could have accepted and would hve been able to save so much lives and also could have gotten time to strengthen his army. That chance was sheerly wasted by him. That showed his lack of farsightedness. Though he was supreme in the warfield bt in war its not fruitful always to fight but sometimes its wise to have practical deal. His decisions to blindly trust some of the raja's also costed him dearly. त्यामुळे तर म्हण पडली नसेल की मराठी माणसे युद्धात जिंकतात पण तहात हरतात. इथे तर युद्ध टाळून तह करता आला असता आणि व्यावहारिकता दाखवून भविष्यासाठी मराठा साम्राज्य आणखी दृढ करता आले असते. या युद्धाचा परिणाम खुप प्रदीर्घ काळ झाला म्हणून तर आज पण या युद्धात झालेल्या पराभवाबद्दल हळहळ व्यक्त केली जाते.

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