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Troublesome Night 9

Troublesome Night 9

2001 . Comedy, Horror




42 total

Troublesome Night 9

About the movie

Liu Ah Yee goes to the Bud household to worship the Buddha and to have her fortune told, but Mrs. Bud tells her it is not necessary. Ms. Liu is a compulsive gambler on the cruise ship Neptune, where Mrs. Bud's son, Pit, works, and he recognizes her. Pit has stretched the truth to his girlfriend, Moon Ah Say, about his job, so she thinks he's working in stocks, and she gets quite perturbed when he discovers that he is trying to help Ah Yee, who never wins, and whose grandmother, her only living relative, is dying. She returns to the Buds for help with her gambling, but Mrs. Bud gives her a egimen of alternatives to get her to stop gambling. Only after completing this regimen does Ms. Liu explain why gambling was so important to her.


广州话 / 廣州話, 普通话


11 Jan 2001

Original Title:

Troublesome Night 9


Comedy, Horror



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