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As Csikasz. György Dandin, the rich bourgeois concludes a marriage contract with the noblemen Lükeházy couple who has turned poor: he can marry their daughter in return of a regular financial contribution. Angyalka escapes the undesired husband at their very first night, and furthermore she establishes a secret romantic relationship with Count Klitander who suits her a lot better.

As Sándor. Three people – a returned prisoner of war, his beautiful second wife, and the possessive, hunchbacked spinster who is his sister-in-law by his first marriage – are isolated in a little house under an extinct volcano, where each strives for personal happiness but is suffocated by their dependence on the others.

As Kecskés János, igazgató. Bene, tired of the professional battles of engineers and trying to escape a ship-wrecked marriage, asks to be transferred to the country. The gravest problem of the sandy region in Nagyalföld (Great Hungarian Plain) is the shortage of water. The tireless director of the local state farm asks for Bene's support, but the disillusioned man refuses him.

As Marcell. From the intrigues and slander of the branch the painter Hódosi moves out to a hamlet at Hortobágy. He gets into conflict situation as well as he cannot endure that the political and economic elite of the neigbourhood would devastate the nature conservation area with hunting and (tax evading) goose husbandry.

As Igazgató. A comedy about two twin brothers - Sándor, who emigrated and became a rich man, and Zoltán, who stayed in Hungary and lives the life of an average working-class man. When Sándor visits his twin brother, they are constantly mistaken for each other, and when Zoltán sees how differently people treat Sándor because of his money and his foreign citizenship, he begins to like being mistaken for him - until he realizes that this means he will lose his girlfriend Szöszi...

As Miska. This is a romantic biographical film about Franz Liszt. In a distinguished saloon of Paris, the unknown composer, Liszt, defeats the renown Thalberg at a piano competition. Through his playing, he wins the favours and later the hand of the countess D'Agoult. A daughter is born in their marriage, Cosima. Liszt is better and better known, Marie introduces him to the circle of artists.

Executive producer. Jóska has become a Communist in the Csillag prison in Szeged. In the meantime, Gábor successfully talks people in Jóska's native village out of joining the German-led Hungarian army.

As Rubint János földgyalus. A country family unbounds by the death of the head of family and they set off for a miners' town under construction, just like their forefathers, "to take the land". As an outpost, the eldest daughter, Anna is sent, who has a stormy past.

Executive producer. An adult educator arrives in the small-town factory with loads of books, energy and a freshly received diploma. The honest young man with dreamy eyes humanises the life of the plant, in a way distributing himself among people.

Executive producer. Joseph II, the enlightened Austro-Hungarian emperor, entrusts his loyal and confidential subject, Ráby Mátyás, formerly a treasurer, to examine the abuses made by the magistrates of Szentendre and Izbég. Following his old friend, Dacsó Marci's directions, Ráby reveals horrible robberies, tax evasions, frauds, and other illegal acts having been committed against the people.

As Hajdu Gyurka, peasant. March 15, 1848; the revolution breaks out in the town of Pest. Yet at café Pilvax, in among he revolutionary youth, there is the informer of the imperial court as well. Hearing the news of the attack led by Jellasics, the inhabitants of the villages pour into the national army, and Hajdú Gyurka also escapes from his landlord. Petőfi is there at the camp of the revolutionaries, raising them to enthusiasm with his poetry.

As Óreg paraszt. In the small village of Rátót, every male is called Béla. When a woman gives birth to her child, she names him Józsi...

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