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Begüm Kütük


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About Begüm Kütük

Begüm Kütük is most well known for acting, and has 9 known credits, of which 2 are movies, and 7 are TV shows.

Begüm Kütük’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Begüm Kütük’s movies you should definitely watch Romantik Komedi (2010), as with 10.0 it is the highest rated movie Begüm has worked on!

  1. Romantik Komedi (2010)
  2. A Chaster Marriage (2016)

1. Romantik Komedi (2010 Movie)

The best rated movie Begüm Kütük has been a part of is the romance, comedy, rom-com movie Romantik Komedi, where they had the role of Ece. It has a rating on Friendspire of 10.0 and 5.3 on IMDb .

2. A Chaster Marriage (2016)

A Chaster Marriage has a rating on Friendspire of 7.5 and 5.4 on IMDb . Begüm Kütük worked on this comedy, romance, rom-com movie as Duygu.

Begüm Kütük’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Begüm Kütük’s shows you should definitely watch Valley of the Wolves (2003), as with 9.7 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. Valley of the Wolves (2003)
  2. Lovebird (2013)
  3. A.G.A. (2003)

1. Valley of the Wolves (2003)

The action & adventure, crime, drama TV show Valley of the Wolves has a rating Friendspire of 9.7 and 7.7 on IMDb . Begüm Kütük was Safiye Karahanlı in this show!

2. Lovebird (2013)

In Lovebird Begüm Kütük was Neriman. This drama, history, romance show has a rating on Friendspire of 7.4 and 7.4 on IMDb .

3. A.G.A. (2003)

The third highest rated TV show Begüm Kütük has worked on is the action & adventure series A.G.A., where Begüm was Ayşe. It has a rating on 3.8 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Begüm Kütük born?

Begüm Kütük’s birthday is on 27 August 1980 .

What is Begüm Kütük’s gender?

Begüm Kütük is female.

What is Begüm most known for?

Begüm Kütük is most known for acting. Begüm has worked on 2 movies and 7 TV shows.

What is Begüm Kütük’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Romantik Komedi, which has a score of 10.0.

What is Begüm Kütük’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is Valley of the Wolves, which has a score of 9.7.

Begüm’s Filmography

As Neriman. Tells the story of Feride, an orphaned young girl who is forced to attend a boarding school. While she visits her aunt during holidays, she falls in love with her cousin Kamran. Soon, their love grows to be mutual and intensifies.

As Safiye Karahanlı. Kurtlar Vadisi was a Turkish television drama which broadcast mainly on Show TV and then transferred to Kanal D, then atv for its last season. It was mostly about an agent named Polat Alemdar who leaked into the mafia after his plastic surgery. The scenario has direct and indirect references to the Turkish politics and political history from a viewpoint of an undercover agent. Kurtlar Vadisi became one of the most successful TV programmes in Turkey and produced a successful feature film named Valley of the Wolves: Iraq.

As Duygu. In love with Duygu, as well as with his favorite football team, Zafer is one of those grown-up men who never really grow up. One day, he finds himself forced into a marriage by his father, and despite his many funny attempts to get out of the marriage, Zafer’s plans yield no result. Can Zafer understand the meaning of true love before the final whistle blows?

As Ece. Esra, Didem ve Zeynep çok yakın arkadaş olmalarına rağmen birbirinden farklı hayatlar sürdüren farklı karakterlere sahip üç kişidir. Sessiz sakin olan Esra, deli dolu olan� Didem ve dominant karaktere sahip olan Zeynep.. Bu üç arkadaştan istikrarlı olarak ilişkisini sürdürebilmiş olan Zeynep'in düğünü hem Esra'nın hem de Didem'in hayatında değişik süprizlere neden olacaktır. İstemediği bir işte yıllardır çalışan Esra bir cesaret örneği göstererek, hayatını değiştirmeye karar verir. Bunun için ilk adımı atar ve işinden istifa eder, kötü giden ilişkisini sona erdirir. Uzun iş aramalarından sonra zar zor iş bulduğu reklam ajansına çalışmaya başlayana Esra'yı bir sürpriz bekliyordur.

Executive producer. Gönülçelen is inspired by Bernard Shaw's play 'Pygmalion' and its film adaptation 'My Fair Lady'. The series transports the scene to Istanbul where both Murat and Hasret, the two main characters, live. Murat is thirty years old and a successful musician and music educator who was born and raised in Istanbul. He comes from a long line of respected, rich and noble people. The female protagonist Hasret - on the other hand - was born and raised in one of Istanbul's most impoverished neighborhoods. She is a free spirited young woman with a 'foul' mouth. Hasret makes her living by selling flowers and occasionally singing in a band. Murat hears potential in her untrained voice and takes it upon himself to teach her the secrets of music by giving her a classical training.

As Defne Yörükhan. A wealthy family is waiting for their older son to produce an heir. When his wife has difficulties conceiving, they find a surrogate in Elif. The young girl is in desperate need of money and easily deceived by the family. When she discovers that she is actually the baby’s biological mother as well, she fights to claim him back. Things are further complicated by the love that grows between Elif and the older son, while the powerful family fight back and refuse to hand over their heir.

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