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Catherine Capozzi


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About Catherine Capozzi

Catherine Capozzi is most well known for directing, and has 22 known credits, of which 22 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Catherine Capozzi’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Catherine Capozzi’s movies you should definitely watch Clickbait (2019), as with 8.5 it is the highest rated movie Catherine has worked on!

  1. Clickbait (2019)
  2. Magnetic (2015)
  3. Bring Us Your Women (2015)
  4. An Introvert's Guide to High School (2020)
  5. Leopard (Part I) (0)

1. Clickbait (2019 Movie)

The best rated movie Catherine Capozzi has been a part of is the comedy, horror, thriller movie Clickbait, where they had the role of directing. It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.5 and 4.2 on IMDb.

2. Magnetic (2015)

Magnetic has a rating on 5.4 on IMDb . Catherine Capozzi worked on this adventure, fantasy, science fiction movie as directing.

3. Bring Us Your Women (2015)

In Bring Us Your Women Catherine Capozzi was worked as director. This music, animation, history movie has a rating on 4.2 on IMDb.

4. An Introvert's Guide to High School (2020)

In An Introvert's Guide to High School Catherine Capozzi had the role of directing.

5. Leopard (Part I) (0)

Catherine Capozzi was a part of the movie Leopard (Part I) as directing.

Frequently asked questions

What is Catherine Capozzi’s gender?

Catherine Capozzi is female.

What is Catherine most known for?

Catherine Capozzi is most known for directing. Catherine has worked on 22 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Catherine Capozzi’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Clickbait, which has a score of 8.5.

Catherine’s Filmography

As Hollywood magician. A college student who will do just about anything for Internet fame is kidnapped by a fan, and her reluctant roommate is the only one who can save her.

Executive producer. Bring Us Your Women is an international anthology dedicated to women and the pursuit of divinity and freedom. The project seeks to tell existing and re-imagined stories of historic and mythical individuals, each presenting a message of humanity that transcends gender and religion.

Executive producer. High school sucks. In 2012, 17 year old Sophie Harvey suffered trauma by a clueless school administration solely because she was an introvert. Comedy-as-therapy - IGTHS - is a farcical improv movie about the inherent bias against introverts. Created by an inclusive, diverse cast and crew, led by a team of women and non-binary department heads, IGTHS was made by and for people who care about changing how we treat misunderstood youth. Seven years in the making. Creative contributions from introverts all over the internet. Sophie still doesn't want to talk about it.

As Six. Ten women are forced to take shelter in an old castle on Spektor Island when an unexpected storm rolls in. Only one will survive the night.

As Scientist. In the style of drive-in film and late-night horror television, comprised of two horror spoofs, MONSTER S-I-Z-E MONSTERS and Genuine Soil From Dracula's Castle. Of course, no b-horror schlock-fest is complete with a host! Darling Pet Munkee has got its very own, Dalya, Mistress of the Munkee to introduce this terrifying twosome!

As Catherine Capozzi. In 1970, Mikey and William both portrayed football cannibal Smash-Mouth in the influential cult hit, End Zone 2. Now, 50 years later, only one can wear the mask.

Executive producer. Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.

Executive producer. Ten women spend the night in a supposedly haunted mansion on Spektor Island in December 1972. Crazy superstitions don't stop them from raiding the wine cellar and throwing a party, at least until the first murder.

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