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About David Tom

David Tom is a 44 years old male from Hinsdale, Illinois, USA. David is most well known for acting, and has 19 known credits, of which 11 are movies, and 8 are TV shows.

David Tom’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy David Tom’s movies you should definitely watch Swing Kids (1993), as with 7.0 it is the highest rated movie David has worked on!

  1. Swing Kids (1993)
  2. Stay Tuned (1992)
  3. Love Begins (2011)
  4. Roommates (1995)
  5. D-Day (2019)

1. Swing Kids (1993 Movie)

The best rated movie David Tom has been a part of is the music, drama movie Swing Kids, where they had the role of Willi Müller. It has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 6.7 on IMDb.

2. Stay Tuned (1992)

Stay Tuned has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 6.2 on IMDb . David Tom worked on this comedy, fantasy movie as Darryl Knable / Narrator.

3. Love Begins (2011)

In Love Begins David Tom was worked as Toast the Knowing. This drama, romance, family, tv movie movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 7.0 on IMDb.

4. Roommates (1995)

This drama, comedy movie has a rating on Friendspire of 6.0 and 6.4 on IMDb. In Roommates David Tom had the role of Michael (age 15).

5. D-Day (2019)

David Tom was a part of the movie D-Day as . This war movie has a rating 3.8 on IMDb.

David Tom’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy David Tom’s shows you should definitely watch Criminal Minds (2005), as with 8.9 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. Criminal Minds (2005)
  2. Supernatural (2005)
  3. Veronica Mars (2004)

1. Criminal Minds (2005)

The crime, drama, mystery TV show Criminal Minds has a rating Friendspire of 8.9 and 8.1 on IMDb. David Tom was Georgie Galen in this show!

2. Supernatural (2005)

In Supernatural David Tom was Curtis. This drama, sci-fi & fantasy, horror show has a rating on Friendspire of 8.7 and 8.4 on IMDb.

3. Veronica Mars (2004)

The third highest rated TV show David Tom has worked on is the crime, drama, mystery series Veronica Mars, where David was . It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.3 and 8.4 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

When was David Tom born?

David Tom’s birthday is on 23 March 1978.

What is David Tom’s gender?

David Tom is male.

Where was David Tom born?

David Tom was born in Hinsdale, Illinois, USA.

What is David most known for?

David Tom is most known for acting. David has worked on 11 movies and 8 TV shows.

What is David Tom’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Swing Kids, which has a score of 7.0.

What is David Tom’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is Criminal Minds, which has a score of 8.9.

David’s Filmography

As Curtis. When they were boys, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. Subsequently, their father raised them to be soldiers. He taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America ... and he taught them how to kill it. Now, the Winchester brothers crisscross the country in their '67 Chevy Impala, battling every kind of supernatural threat they encounter along the way.

As Georgie Galen. An elite team of FBI profilers analyze the country's most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next moves before they strike again. The Behavioral Analysis Unit's most experienced agent is David Rossi, a founding member of the BAU who returns to help the team solve new cases.

As Maple. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, a team of special agents investigates any crime that has a shred of evidence connected to Navy and Marine Corps personnel, regardless of rank or position.

Executive producer. In the fictional town of Neptune, California, student Veronica Mars progresses from high school to college while moonlighting as a private investigator under the tutelage of her detective father.

As Allen Krick. A Las Vegas team of forensic investigators are trained to solve criminal cases by scouring the crime scene, collecting irrefutable evidence and finding the missing pieces that solve the mystery.

As Daniel Burke. Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished... He woke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

As Willi Müller. The story of a close-knit group of young kids in Nazi Germany who listen to banned swing music from the US. Soon dancing and fun leads to more difficult choices as the Nazi's begin tightening the grip on Germany. Each member of the group is forced to face some tough choices about right, wrong, and survival.

As Darryl Knable / Narrator. Salesman Roy Knable spends all his free time watching television, to the exasperation of his wife, Helen. One day, TV salesman Spike convinces Roy to buy a satellite dish offering 666 channels. The new addition to Roy's home entertainment system sucks him and Helen into Hellvision, a realm run by Spike, who is an emissary of Satan. For 24 hours, the couple must survive devilish parodies of TV programs if they want to return to reality alive.

As Daniel Whittaker. Clark Davis adventurous dreams of seeing the world are put into jeopardy after he and a friend start a fight which damages a local cafe. Through a plea deal with the Sheriff and café owner Millie, Clark works off his sentence as a farmhand for the Barlow sisters, Ellen and Cassie. Older sister Ellen doesnt understand Cassies friendly nature with Clark; she agreed to the Sheriffs offer only because the farm has become too much to maintain alone. Clark is slowing winning Ellen over, but suddenly suffers a traumatic head injury in a fall. After Ellen nurses him back to health, her former fiancé returns to win her back. Will Clark travel on or stay behind where love begins?

Executive producer. Some people called it a suicide, but for the Rangers of the 2nd Battalion, that's another word for mission. When an elite group of American soldiers are ordered to take out a series of German machine gun nests, they find themselves blindly venturing into hostile territory. Outnumbered and outgunned they must risk life and limb as they cross treacherous terrain, never knowing where the enemy might be hiding.

As Tobey. A coming of age story about a washed up twenty something year old, the onetime hometown hero and track star, who is convinced by a local sweetheart to run a marathon and get his life back on track.

As Jacob McKay. In the 1850's, a young boy and his family on their way West become stranded in the Rockies. With the help of a local mountain man, a Sioux medicine man, and a legendary bear knows as "Walking Thunder," the boy learns to become a man, and his family's survival is secured.

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