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Emmanuel Soland


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About Emmanuel Soland

Emmanuel Soland is most well known for sound, and has 4 known credits, of which 4 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Emmanuel Soland’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Emmanuel Soland’s movies you should definitely watch Photograph - Woman (0) Emmanuel has worked on!

  1. Photograph - Woman (0)
  2. Orlan, carnal art (2001)
  3. East of Walbrzych (2004)
  4. L'Enfance qui nous revient a l'éclat d'une étoile (2021)

1. Photograph - Woman (0 Movie)

The best rated movie Emmanuel Soland has been a part of is the documentary movie Photograph - Woman, where they had the role of sound.

2. Orlan, carnal art (2001)

Orlan, carnal art has a rating on 5.5 on IMDb . Emmanuel Soland worked on this documentary movie as sound.

3. East of Walbrzych (2004)

In East of Walbrzych Emmanuel Soland was worked as sound director.

4. L'Enfance qui nous revient a l'éclat d'une étoile (2021)

In L'Enfance qui nous revient a l'éclat d'une étoile Emmanuel Soland had the role of sound.

Frequently asked questions

What is Emmanuel most known for?

Emmanuel Soland is most known for sound. Emmanuel has worked on 4 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Emmanuel Soland’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Photograph - Woman, which has a score of 0.0.

Emmanuel’s Filmography

Executive producer. Since 2012, a group of women has staged regular demonstrations in front of government buildings in Tunis. These are the "Photograph-Women". They are called this because they hold portraits of men in gilt frames in their arms: their sons, brothers, husbands - all of whom have disappeared trying to reach Lampedusa clandestinely at the time of the Arab Spring. Shortly before they arrived on the island, some of them made calls to their nearest and dearest. Since then, no news. But nor have any bodies been found to demonstrate that they are dead. The calls received are interpreted as proof of life by the "Photograph Women".

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