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About Fairuz

Fairuz undefined is a 86 years old female from Lebanon. Fairuz is most well known for acting, and has 9 known credits, of which 9 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Fairuz ’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Fairuz ’s movies you should definitely watch The Ring Seller (1965) Fairuz has worked on!

  1. The Ring Seller (1965)
  2. Fayrouz live in Dubai (2008)
  3. The Exile (1967)
  4. Fairouz (1998)
  5. Daughter of the Guardian (1967)

1. The Ring Seller (1965 Movie)

The best rated movie Fairuz has been a part of is the drama, music movie The Ring Seller, where they had the role of Rima. It has a rating 7.0 on IMDb .

2. Fayrouz live in Dubai (2008)

Fairuz worked on this movie as .

3. The Exile (1967)

In The Exile Fairuz was worked as Toast the Knowing . This drama, music movie has a rating on 7.7 on IMDb .

4. Fairouz (1998)

In Fairouz Fairuz had the role of .

5. Daughter of the Guardian (1967)

Fairuz was a part of the movie Daughter of the Guardian as Nejma. This drama, music movie has a rating 7.4 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Fairuz born?

Fairuz ’s birthday is on 21 November 1935 .

What is Fairuz ’s gender?

Fairuz is female.

Where was Fairuz born?

Fairuz was born in Lebanon.

What is Fairuz most known for?

Fairuz is most known for acting. Fairuz has worked on 9 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Fairuz ’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is The Ring Seller, which has a score of 0.0.

Fairuz’s Filmography

As Rima. In a peaceful village, the mayor, seeing that the population is bored with tranquility, invents the mystical figure of Rajeh, and tells stories to villagers about the exploits of Rajeh, who kills and maims and steals. One day the mayor (Nasri Shamseddine) tells the villagers that Rajeh is heading to the village itself and they better be careful. Two smart men notice that the mayor was lying and that it is all his imagination. So they go on making good on the fictitious person and steal money and assault the mayor in the dark saying that they were Rajeh. Eventually, an old man with the name of Rajeh arrives in the village, amid public fears. Then it became obvious that Rajeh was merely a seller of rings for weddings and he wanted to marry his son to Fairuz the nephew of the mayor. The two bad guys willingly go to jail for making use of the mayor's joke.

Executive producer. The videotaped concert of legendary singer Fayrouz at the American University of Dubai in 2001, including a selection of scenes from the rehearsals and performances in Dubai 1997-2001-2002.

As Adla. The film is set around 1914 when Lebanon was under the Ottoman Empire rule. The empire enslaved men to work for free. Abdou goes to get Adla the engagement ring but he's arrested with others and are taken to cut lumber. Meanwhile the Ottomans prevent the wheat from arriving to certain villages because they want to defuse the ongoing resistance operations led by Abou Ahmed. Adla travels to where some say Abdou is held prisoner and she meets with Abou Ahmed. She along other villagers start helping the resistance get the wheat to the people. When they accomplish their mission, Abou Ahmed, freed Abdou and others escape because now they're wanted, but on a promise to return and to continue fighting.

Executive producer. This document-portrait traces the career of Fairuz,one of the biggest stars of the Arabic music, born in Lebanon, and summarizes her success and her musical collaborations..This film is also a a moving portrait of a tortured dreamlike Lebanon

As Nejma. A young girl's father is fired from his job as a guard because there are no more criminals left in town so she pretends to be a thief in order to stir up trouble and get him his job back.

Executive producer. The story of Fayrouz and Assi told by Fayrouz and Assi, a documentary by Reema Rahbany.

Executive producer. Behind the scenes of Fairuz concert at MGM Las Vegas in 1999, showing the legendary diva during the rehearsals and touring around Las Vegas.

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