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Gary P. Conner


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About Gary P.

Gary P. is most well known for production, and has 12 known credits, of which 12 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Gary P.’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Gary P.’s movies you should definitely watch Little Shop of Erotica (2001), as with 8.0 it is the highest rated movie Gary has worked on!

  1. Little Shop of Erotica (2001)
  2. Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Stories (1993)
  3. Broadcast Bombshells (1995)
  4. Desire (1997)
  5. Breakfast in Bed (1990)

1. Little Shop of Erotica (2001 Movie)

The best rated movie Gary P. has been a part of is the fantasy movie Little Shop of Erotica, where they had the role of production. It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.0 and 4.1 on IMDb .

2. Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Stories (1993)

Gary P. worked on this romance movie as production.

3. Broadcast Bombshells (1995)

In Broadcast Bombshells Gary P. was worked as producer, writer. This comedy movie has a rating on 3.1 on IMDb .

4. Desire (1997)

This drama movie has a rating on 4.9 on IMDb . In Desire Gary P. had the role of production.

5. Breakfast in Bed (1990)

Gary P. was a part of the movie Breakfast in Bed as production. This romance movie has a rating 3.9 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

What is Gary most known for?

Gary P. is most known for production. Gary has worked on 12 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Gary P.’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Little Shop of Erotica, which has a score of 8.0.

Gary’s Filmography

Executive producer. Marilyn (Marilyn Chambers) opens a lingerie store in a small town but faces opposition from stuffy townspeople. That is, until she finds an ancient Druid book of spells.

Executive producer. An ambitious brunette associate producer at a local New Jersey TV station uses her seductive charms to compete against a sexy blond anchorwoman to further her career.

Executive producer. Sexy hijinks are in store for an adult film director who must deal with a difficult lead actress, an uninhibited cast and crew, and money woes.

Executive producer. Low-rent private dick Sam Drake is called on to identify which heir is trying to kill a wealthy old man. At the old gentleman's mansion, he encounters an assortment of beautiful women who in turn engage him in all sorts of unpredictable and zany sexual situations spoofing the detective genre clichés.

Executive producer. Judy is having trouble drumming up business for her vegetarian restaurant, and the landlord gives her four days to pay off the mortgage. Judy calls up her friend Marilyn Chambers for help, and together they transform the restaurant into the Bikini Bistro, replete with scantily clad waitresses. Soon business is booming and the women are falling in lust, but the bartender is skimming the till and the landlord's deadline is looming. Can the restaurant be saved?

Executive producer. Marilyn Saunders finds herself in dire financial difficulties. To remedy the situation, she and her friends form a company providing "Party Girls" to those requiring the services of scantily-clad women. Marilyn's male partner is madly in love with her, but she only has eyes for a rich investor. The party girls work at playing matchmaker, while an apartment full of guys and a slumber party full of women watch the events unfold on video, just as we do, in an interesting bit of meta-fiction.

Executive producer. Join Marilyn Chambers for a history lesson you'll never forget! Marilyn is your escort for a lust-filled look at the peep show of the past, present, and future. We begin with Playboy model Lorissa McComas and actor Nick Rava. Nike plays a French sculptor looking for a little inspiration. When he spies luscious Lorissa, his "Statue of Liberty" becomes fully erect. Next, Jennifer Worthington dresses in drag to seduce the beautiful Leah. Jennifer proves that what goes on behind the scenes in the silent films of the Roaring 20s isn't much different than what goes on behind the scenes today! Our next story could be called "Hey Brother, Can you Spare a Quarter?" When hunky actor Onyx runs out of quarters at a local peep show, he is given the ride of his life by a stunning stripper played by Mary Jane. Reality can be better than fantasy!

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