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Georg Alexander


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About Georg Alexander

Georg Alexander is a 134 years old male from Hannover, Germany. Georg is most well known for acting, and has 131 known credits, of which 131 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Georg Alexander’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Georg Alexander’s movies you should definitely watch Lady Hamilton (1921) Georg has worked on!

  1. Lady Hamilton (1921)
  2. Ein Zug fährt ab (1942)
  3. Leontines Ehemänner (1928)
  4. Homeland (1938)
  5. How Shall I Tell My Husband? (1933)

1. Lady Hamilton (1921 Movie)

The best rated movie Georg Alexander has been a part of is the drama, history movie Lady Hamilton, where they had the role of George. It has a rating 5.8 on IMDb.

2. Ein Zug fährt ab (1942)

Ein Zug fährt ab has a rating on 7.0 on IMDb . Georg Alexander worked on this drama movie as Gutsbesitzer Lutz Willner.

3. Leontines Ehemänner (1928)

In Leontines Ehemänner Georg Alexander was worked as Toast the Knowing. This movie has a rating on 5.3 on IMDb.

4. Homeland (1938)

This drama movie has a rating on 6.7 on IMDb. In Homeland Georg Alexander had the role of Ludwig Prinz von Ilmingen.

5. How Shall I Tell My Husband? (1933)

Georg Alexander was a part of the movie How Shall I Tell My Husband? as Direktor Hans Oltendorff.

Frequently asked questions

When was Georg Alexander born?

Georg Alexander’s birthday is on 3 April 1888.

What is Georg Alexander’s gender?

Georg Alexander is male.

Where was Georg Alexander born?

Georg Alexander was born in Hannover, Germany.

What is Georg most known for?

Georg Alexander is most known for acting. Georg has worked on 131 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Georg Alexander’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Lady Hamilton, which has a score of 0.0.

Georg’s Filmography

As Ludwig Prinz von Ilmingen. In 1885, famous New York Metropolitan Opera singer Maddalena dall' Orto is scheduled to perform at a festival in the German residence of Ilmingen. It soon becomes obvious that she is non other than Magda von Schwartze, who left the town eight years ago against her father's wishes to become a singer.

As Direktor Hans Oltendorff. The film starts in the fashionable seaside resort on the Baltic, Heringsdorf, where Renate Müller spends a secret weekend away from her husband with her bosom friend Ida Wüst. The husband meanwhile has a flirtation while traveling by night train from Frankfurt to Berlin, nice atmospheric shots of sleeper and dining car in the morning. The action continues in the luxury villas and apartments of Berlin, Renate Müller wears a string of very elegant outfits. Misunderstandings, jealousies, temporary separation of husband and wife, a few songs, wicked humour.

As Kunomariawolffgang von Itzenblitz.

As Der Theaterdirektor. Blonde goddess Marika Rökk plays Julia Koster, a ravishing red-headed musical revue star and her opening number, "At Night It Isn't Right To Be Alone", playing to a packed theater, is both an eye-popper and a jaw-dropper.

As Staatsanwalt Wentin / Frank. The delightful Johann Strauss comic opera Die Fledermaus was mercilessly lampooned in this truly bizarre production. For starters, a framing device has been added: After appearing in 300 consecutive appearances of Fledermaus (which translates as The Bat) the lead tenor (Georg Alexander) imagines that he's seeing bats everywhere. Driven a bit over the edge by all this, he falls asleep and has a nightmare about the opera, with a group of non-singers cast in the leading roles. The original libretto about romantic assignations, political imprisonments and mistaken identity is burlesqued to the hilt: at one point, the hero finds out that his prison cell is surrounded by rubber tubes!

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