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Gunnar Tolnæs


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About Gunnar Tolnæs

Gunnar Tolnæs is a 142 years old male from Oslo, Norway. Gunnar is most well known for acting, and has 21 known credits, of which 21 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Gunnar Tolnæs’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Gunnar Tolnæs’s movies you should definitely watch His Innocent Dupe (1916) Gunnar has worked on!

  1. His Innocent Dupe (1916)
  2. Prometheus (1921)
  3. Sex in Chains (1928)
  4. The Hand of Fate (1922)
  5. A Prince of Bharata (1917)

1. His Innocent Dupe (1916 Movie)

The best rated movie Gunnar Tolnæs has been a part of is the drama movie His Innocent Dupe, where they had the role of Jurian Fox - Detective. It has a rating 6.4 on IMDb.

2. Prometheus (1921)

Gunnar Tolnæs worked on this drama movie as .

3. Sex in Chains (1928)

In Sex in Chains Gunnar Tolnæs was worked as Toast the Knowing. This drama, romance, lgbtq+ movie has a rating on 6.6 on IMDb.

4. The Hand of Fate (1922)

In The Hand of Fate Gunnar Tolnæs had the role of Erik Sørensen, herredsfoged.

5. A Prince of Bharata (1917)

Gunnar Tolnæs was a part of the movie A Prince of Bharata as The Maharaja. This drama, romance movie has a rating 5.0 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

When was Gunnar Tolnæs born?

Gunnar Tolnæs’s birthday is on 7 December 1879.

What is Gunnar Tolnæs’s gender?

Gunnar Tolnæs is male.

Where was Gunnar Tolnæs born?

Gunnar Tolnæs was born in Oslo, Norway.

What is Gunnar most known for?

Gunnar Tolnæs is most known for acting. Gunnar has worked on 21 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Gunnar Tolnæs’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is His Innocent Dupe, which has a score of 0.0.

Gunnar’s Filmography

As Jurian Fox - Detective. A detective is hired to watch over the fortune of a rich lady because there have been a lot of thefts in the area lately. A hypnotizing villain is at large!

As Fabrikant Rudolf Steinau. A young man is convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a term in prison. There he forms a close relationship with his cellmate. Upon his release his wife is concerned as to how prison has changed the man she married.

As Erik Sørensen, herredsfoged. The God-fearing vicar Niels Quist lives with his beloved daughter Mette in the small Jutland town of Vejlby. The newly elected county bailiff and local magistrate, Erik Sørensen, is the lucky fellow who wins Mette’s heart, but their happiness is short-lived: One day, the vicar’s farmhand mysteriously disappears, and all signs suggest that the vicar is the killer. But is Erik Sørensen willing and able to sentence his own true love's father to death?

As The Maharaja. At a European seaside resort, Elly von Langen, the beautiful daughter of an officer, meets an elegant Indian maharajah and falls in love with him. She elopes with the maharajah to India. Much to her chagrin, she finds herself installed in his harem there, and even though she is accorded the status of being his favourite wife, she does not have her freedom. One day, Elly eyes an opportunity to escape her captivity. But will the Maharajah ever let her go? Or perhaps it is not the walls of the palace that are holding Elly back?

As Ernst Kamp - Typographer. The social storm after World War I divides the people. In the eye of the storm are three brothers fighting for the lower classes, each in his own way. Waldo the blacksmith wants a world revolution by power and violence. Ernst the typographer is convinced that knowledge and understanding, enlightenment and education is the way to go. And Kurt the ethereal watchmaker sees society as a malfunctioning clockwork that can be fixed by a simple yet drastic intervention.

As The Maharaja of Odhapur. The Maharaja of Odhapur goes on a trip to Europe and meet the young dancer Ellen Esmond. In her London accommodation, the Savoy Hotel, the Indian prince can prove to be a gallant gentleman and protect Ellen from an intrusive theatrical agent. The Maharaja asks the artist to entertain his guests the following evening with her dancing skills, including England's representatives in India. The maharaja is thrilled with both the person Ellen and her dance performances. His brother Bhima, who was always in the shadow of the Maharajah, drinks excessively and also is also magically attracted to Ellen Esmond.

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