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Hussein Abu Hassan


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About Hussein Abu

Hussein Abu is most well known for acting, and has 22 known credits, of which 22 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Hussein Abu’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Hussein Abu’s movies you should definitely watch Chengkaman Maut (1972), as with 10.0 it is the highest rated movie Hussein has worked on!

  1. Chengkaman Maut (1972)
  2. Boss (1991)
  3. Panglima Badol (1978)
  4. Bewitched (1981)
  5. Red Spell Spells Red (1983)

1. Chengkaman Maut (1972 Movie)

The best rated movie Hussein Abu has been a part of is the action movie Chengkaman Maut, where they had the role of Mat Tedung. It has a rating on Friendspire of 10.0 .

2. Boss (1991)

Hussein Abu worked on this comedy, action movie as .

3. Panglima Badol (1978)

In Panglima Badol Hussein Abu was worked as Toast the Knowing .

4. Bewitched (1981)

This horror, fantasy, comedy, science fiction, romance, rom-com movie has a rating on 6.5 on IMDb . In Bewitched Hussein Abu had the role of Magusu.

5. Red Spell Spells Red (1983)

Hussein Abu was a part of the movie Red Spell Spells Red as . This horror, drama movie has a rating 5.8 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

What is Hussein most known for?

Hussein Abu is most known for acting. Hussein has worked on 22 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Hussein Abu’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Chengkaman Maut, which has a score of 10.0.

Hussein’s Filmography

As Mat Tedung. This a classic Malay warrior silat film about Putra trying to revenge his father dead by Mat Tedung

Executive producer. Boss Film Malik narrates a successful businessman with financial assistance from his wife, Hamimah. He has a violent nature, but to pretend either in front of his wife. Malik made ​​an affair with Mimi. Malik sneaky Hamimah that did not know the type of business being operated. Hamimah began to suspect nefarious activities carried out by her husband and she hired a private investigator group 'Kopek Private Eye', which consists of Shima, Sharma and Clara began to peek every movement difficult Malik.

Executive producer. The film tells the story of Commander Badul who lives with his mother on an island. Badul desire to travel to a different island. During the journey, Badul met an Indonesian trader with his sister. Arriving at the village, the brother of Indonesian traders staying with heads left in situ. Meanwhile, a young man in the village merchants enamored with her and took her. Many young men are trying so hard to save the merchant brothers from her captors but failed because the kidnappers have high Silat. Badul hearing this trying to save sister merchants. Did the Badul in his desire to save her?

Executive producer. An evil dwarf sorcerer sealed in a stone coffin of good magicians. After many years, a television crew to the scene to investigate the legend, and happen to open the chest again ...

As Police Inspector Hussein. After a highly successful raid on Singapore Harbour, soldiers of Z Special Unit lead a new expedition in Singapore, with disastrous results.

Executive producer. Amelia acquainted with Fandy. Peters mother Amelia Amelia wants to match with Jeff, son of his cousin, but was stopped by his father. Aminuddin, Amelia's father and told him to meet Fandy Fandy and hope to marry Amelia. Fandy disappointed and went to the outside and this led Amelia agreed to marry Jill. Amelia infected with AIDS of Jeffery. Jeffery died in the accident. Fandy amends by marrying Amelia.

As MM Osman Yusoff. The dramatisation of a Communist Terrorist assault on a rural Federation of Malaya Police station at Bukit Kepong, Muar, Johor, of then Malaya, on February 23, 1950, during the height of the First Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960.

Executive producer. This film is about a blind malay warrior journey in finding justice but at the same time he himself become unstable with inner conflict. This is a classic malay action movie in 1974.

As Satria. Tells the story of the hunchback ( Satria ) which is often humiliated by the villagers , and he then studied martial arts for justice in his home town

As ASP Hussin. Zarul lives in his own world. Dania, a beautiful, luxurious and popular rock singer is not appreciated by her fiance Imran. Syakira, Zarul's sister, met her death at the hands of those who promised to make her an idol singer. Zarul, who lost his beloved brother, lives in revenge that is not over. After killing his brother's two killers, Zarul kidnaps Dania. Imran realizes the loss of his fiance and tries to find him. While Zarul continues to live in revenge.

As Suzana's father. This is a typical Faizal Hussein movie of him being a mischievous teenager. A group of bikers trying to better their lives finishing school. Leader of the pack, Faizal Hussein, fell in love with the a new student a daughter of a wealthy businessman.

As Pasola. The poor trio of best friends Do, Re and Mi live in a simple treehouse in the forest, where they work together collecting, cutting and selling firewood at the local marketplace. One night they hear a voice calling for help in the forest. Although they are scared that it is a spirit trying to trick them, they follow the voice and discover that it is coming from a bamboo tree. The bamboo tree is wounded, and asks them to pull out the arrow that is stuck in it. They comply, and the bamboo transforms into a young woman, who explains that she is a supernatural spirit. She thanks them and gives them each a magical item. Do receives a magic carpet that can fly, Re receives a telescope that can see anything the viewer asks of it, and Mi receives a harmonica that can give them any wishes they want.

Executive producer. A story about three different daughters who are raised under the same roof. Circumstances and greed led to different hardships for each daughter including their marriage lives. Watch how the daughters struggle through each different circumstance and guess who has the easiest struggle?

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