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Isao Tomita


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About Isao Tomita

Isao Tomita is a 65 years old male from Tokyo, Japan. Isao is most well known for editing, and has 19 known credits, of which 19 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Isao Tomita’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Isao Tomita’s movies you should definitely watch Kappa (1994) Isao has worked on!

  1. Kappa (1994)
  2. Lolita-zuma: Binetsu (1984)
  3. Ellie My Love (1987)
  4. The Gentle 12 (1991)
  5. The Last Cabaret (1988)

1. Kappa (1994 Movie)

The best rated movie Isao Tomita has been a part of is the fantasy, science fiction movie Kappa, where they had the role of editing. It has a rating 6.0 on IMDb .

2. Lolita-zuma: Binetsu (1984)

Isao Tomita worked on this movie as editing.

3. Ellie My Love (1987)

In Ellie My Love Isao Tomita was worked as editor.

4. The Gentle 12 (1991)

This comedy, drama movie has a rating on 7.2 on IMDb . In The Gentle 12 Isao Tomita had the role of editing.

5. The Last Cabaret (1988)

Isao Tomita was a part of the movie The Last Cabaret as editing. This comedy, drama movie has a rating 6.1 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Isao Tomita born?

Isao Tomita’s birthday is on 15 March 1957 .

What is Isao Tomita’s gender?

Isao Tomita is male.

Where was Isao Tomita born?

Isao Tomita was born in Tokyo, Japan.

What is Isao most known for?

Isao Tomita is most known for editing. Isao has worked on 19 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Isao Tomita’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Kappa, which has a score of 0.0.

Isao’s Filmography

Executive producer. As famous photographer, Yuta Suzumori's (Tatsuya Fuji) health is worsening he tells a childhood story of when he saw a kappa in his hometown village of Kitagawa.

Executive producer. Roriita tsuma: Binetsu (ロリータ妻 微熱) films were a series within Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno series.

Executive producer. The film opens as a jury is about to acquit a defendant -- a bar hostess who pushed her ex-husband path of an oncoming truck, supposedly in self-defense. Just as everyone seems to be in agreement over the woman's innocence, one juror voices second thoughts.

Executive producer. Reiko is a high class call girl employed by a large corporation. She’ll do anything necessary to help her employer land new business, including kinky sex and humiliation, to please her high class clientele. Secretly bedding rival company executives on her own time, Reiko’s world turns upside down when a former lover comes back to her for affection. The problem is he’s married! With yet another shy employee vying for her attention, Reiko gets caught in a triple tryst that could change her future forever.

Executive producer. The movie takes place in the five-day period before, during and after a ferocious, seemingly liberating typhoon, which five of the students endure while marooned in their school gymnasium.

Executive producer. Meet Chika. She thinks she's been jinxed: she's going to be dumped on Christmas Eve. Enter Tomako, who likes reading and making pudding. Although they're total opposites, by a twist of fate, they become best friends. However, it turns out they both want to spend Christmas Eve with the same guy. Will they choose friendship? Or love?

Executive producer. Toru Hayashi is an unremarkable bachelor who lives with his mother, until one day a young woman named Rumi moves in in the apartment upstairs. Rumi is a self-proclaimed master thief, but she needs socially awkward Toru's help to actually kickstart her so-called career.

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