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Jiří Malásek


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About Jiří Malásek

Jiří Malásek is most well known for sound, and has 32 known credits, of which 27 are movies, and 5 are TV shows.

Jiří Malásek’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Jiří Malásek’s movies you should definitely watch The Helpers (1968) Jiří has worked on!

  1. The Helpers (1968)
  2. Pan Tau – der Film (1988)
  3. On the Tightrope (1963)
  4. How to Keep Slim (1963)
  5. Lady on the Tracks (1966)

1. The Helpers (1968 Movie)

The best rated movie Jiří Malásek has been a part of is the animation movie The Helpers, where they had the role of sound.

2. Pan Tau – der Film (1988)

Pan Tau – der Film has a rating on 6.7 on IMDb . Jiří Malásek worked on this family, fantasy, comedy movie as sound.

3. On the Tightrope (1963)

In On the Tightrope Jiří Malásek was worked as sound.

4. How to Keep Slim (1963)

In How to Keep Slim Jiří Malásek had the role of sound.

5. Lady on the Tracks (1966)

Jiří Malásek was a part of the movie Lady on the Tracks as sound. This comedy, music movie has a rating 6.1 on IMDb .

Jiří Malásek’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Jiří Malásek’s shows you should definitely watch F. L. Věk (1971) has been a part of!!

  1. F. L. Věk (1971)

1. F. L. Věk (1971)

The drama TV show F. L. Věk has a rating 7.8 on IMDb . Jiří Malásek was sound in this show!

Frequently asked questions

When was Jiří Malásek born?

Jiří Malásek’s birthday is on 27 August 1927 .

What is Jiří Malásek’s gender?

Jiří Malásek is male.

What is Jiří most known for?

Jiří Malásek is most known for sound. Jiří has worked on 27 movies and 5 TV shows.

What is Jiří Malásek’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is The Helpers, which has a score of 0.0.

What is Jiří Malásek’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is F. L. Věk, which has a score of 0.0.

Jiří’s Filmography

Executive producer. Pan Tau, the friend of all children, now also helps the adults. A movie producer is in trouble and decides to shoot another Pan-Tau movie. But the old Pan-Tau actor Karasek is no longer young enough to walk the almost weightless walk of Pan Tau. Mr. Novak turns up - he resembles Pan Tau like a twin brother. He succeeds every pirouette. And as if by magic, he solves all the problems between people! Who is Mr. Novak? Is he really ...?

Executive producer. A satirical agitprop piece on dieting. The protagonist is a man trying to slim down in various ways; his attempts are radical but inconsistent, and therefore doomed. In the end, he consults a dietician.

Executive producer. Tram driver Marie has far too much to do after her shift is over. But she likes to do it all since she loves her husband Václav sincerely. One day she spots him on the Lesser Town Square in Prague, kissing an attractive blonde good-bye. It seems to Marie that her small comfortable world has collapsed and she walks out of the tram in tears. But her sadness does not last long. She wipes off the tears and begins to act. She withdraws all the money from their savings books and buys off all the latest models from the Fashion Works. The visit to the beauty salon then completes her transformation into a lady.

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