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Joanne Samuel


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About Joanne Samuel

Joanne Samuel is a 65 years old female from Sydney, Australia. Joanne is most well known for acting, and has 18 known credits, of which 15 are movies, and 3 are TV shows.

Joanne Samuel’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Joanne Samuel’s movies you should definitely watch Mad Max (1979), as with 6.9 it is the highest rated movie Joanne has worked on!

  1. Mad Max (1979)
  2. Not Quite Hollywood (2008)
  3. My Pet Dinosaur (2017)
  4. The Wiggles Movie (1997)
  5. The Legend of The Five (2020)

1. Mad Max (1979 Movie)

The best rated movie Joanne Samuel has been a part of is the adventure, action, thriller, science fiction movie Mad Max, where they had the role of Jessie Rockatansky. It has a rating on Friendspire of 6.9 and 6.8 on IMDb .

2. Not Quite Hollywood (2008)

Not Quite Hollywood has a rating on Friendspire of 6.0 and 7.6 on IMDb . Joanne Samuel worked on this comedy, documentary movie as Herself.

3. My Pet Dinosaur (2017)

In My Pet Dinosaur Joanne Samuel was worked as Toast the Knowing . This adventure, family, fantasy, action movie has a rating on Friendspire of 5.0 and 4.0 on IMDb .

4. The Wiggles Movie (1997)

This family movie has a rating on Friendspire of 5.0 and 6.3 on IMDb . In The Wiggles Movie Joanne Samuel had the role of Mrs. Bingle.

5. The Legend of The Five (2020)

Joanne Samuel was a part of the movie The Legend of The Five as . This fantasy, adventure, family, mystery movie has a rating Friendspire of 4.0 and 3.2 on IMDb .

Joanne Samuel’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Joanne Samuel’s shows you should definitely watch The Young Doctors (1976) has been a part of!!

  1. The Young Doctors (1976)
  2. Skyways (1979)

1. The Young Doctors (1976)

The drama, romance TV show The Young Doctors has a rating 7.0 on IMDb . Joanne Samuel was in this show!

2. Skyways (1979)

In Skyways Joanne Samuel was . This drama show has a rating on 7.1 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Joanne Samuel born?

Joanne Samuel’s birthday is on 1 January 1957 .

What is Joanne Samuel’s gender?

Joanne Samuel is female.

Where was Joanne Samuel born?

Joanne Samuel was born in Sydney, Australia.

What is Joanne most known for?

Joanne Samuel is most known for acting. Joanne has worked on 15 movies and 3 TV shows.

What is Joanne Samuel’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Mad Max, which has a score of 6.9.

What is Joanne Samuel’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is The Young Doctors, which has a score of 0.0.

Joanne’s Filmography

As Jessie Rockatansky. In the ravaged near future, a savage motorcycle gang rules the road. Terrorizing innocent civilians while tearing up the streets, the ruthless gang laughs in the face ofa police force hell-bent on stopping them. But they underestimate one officer: Max Rockatansky. And when the bikers brutalize Max's best friend and family, they send him into a mad frenzy that leaves him with only one thing left in the world to live for – revenge!

As Herself. As Australian cinema broke through to international audiences in the 1970s through respected art house films like Peter Weir's "Picnic At Hanging Rock," a new underground of low-budget exploitation filmmakers were turning out considerably less highbrow fare. Documentary filmmaker Mark Hartley explores this unbridled era of sex and violence, complete with clips from some of the scene's most outrageous flicks and interviews with the renegade filmmakers themselves.

As Doris Mercher. When a young boy named Jake accidentally makes a new friend in an experiment gone wrong a troubled town is plunged into chaos. But with the creature rapidly evolving every day, Jake finds it increasingly difficult to keep his new pet secret. Jake's friends and new girl Abbie realize they are not the only ones interested in this strange, mischievous little dinosaur and soon discover that the only thing more mysterious than what it is, is who is looking for it.

As Mrs. Bingle. As the Wiggles prepare a surprise party for their friend Dorothy the Dinosaur, she goes after a magician who has stolen Greg's magic wand.

Executive producer. The Young Doctors is an Australian early evening soap opera. The series was set in the fictional Albert Memorial hospital and primarily concerned with romances between younger members of the hospital staff, rather than typical medical issues and procedures. It screened on the Nine Network from Monday, 8 November 1976 until Wednesday, 30 March 1983.

As Chris. Private Detective Mike Hayes (Guy Doleman), is working on a divorce case, when he stumbles upon a series of cover-ups that leads to a corpse. His investigation takes him into the lievs of two families living in the Sydney suburbs. Although they look like ordinary people, one of them is the killer. Hayes meets the strange teenager David Prentice (David Franklin), who keeps a violent crime scrapbook, and Val Meadows (Diane McLean), the mistress who believes that someone is trying to kill her. The more the investigation deepens, the more twisted and complex it becomes. It appears the only people who hate Val enough to want her dead, are her own family. Could it be her two sons, alienated by her dominant nature, her lover, or even her best friend?

As Sonia Spane. Robbie and his girlfriend, Amy, are among a group of students who play their private night games in the romantic thriller that catapulted Kidman to center stage. On screen throughout, Kidman discovers what will happen when a friendly game becomes real life ... and real life becomes a deadly game.

Executive producer. The Madness of Max is a feature-length documentary on the making of arguably the most influential movie of the past thirty years. With over forty cast-and-crew interviews, hundreds of behind-the-scenes photographs and never-before-seen film footage of the shoot, this is without a doubt the last word on Mad Max (1979).Interviews include: George Miller, Byron Kennedy, Mel Gibson, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Steve Bisley, Roger Ward, Joanne Samuel, David Eggby, Jon Dowding and many more. From the Producers to the Bike Designers to the Traffic Stoppers, this is the story of how Mad Max was made.

Executive producer. When reporter Danny Gallagher and photographer Sally Woodrow team-up to crack an international animal smuggling racket, the gang behind the operation leads the reckless pair on a chase across Australia straight into the jaws of fatal danger.

As Alison Findlay. On her 16th birthday, Alison Findlay and two of her friends make contact with a spirit, who warns Alison of impending doom on her 19th birthday. Three years later, on the eve of turning 19, Alison returns home and makes a strange discovery in her family's backyard.

As Magistrate. The film adaptation of Erik Jensen's award-winning biography of Adam Cullen is the story of the biographer and his subject, as it descends into a dependent and abusive relationship.

As Barbara Parker. Tightly wound Ellie flies to Australia and enlists the help of an Aboriginal Tour Guide and a YouTubefamous Uber driver to find her husband and his eclectic family, and along the way, find her true self. All before Christmas.

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