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John Strong


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About John Strong

John Strong is a 53 years old male from Ukraine. John is most well known for acting, and has 827 known credits, of which 827 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

John Strong’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy John Strong’s movies you should definitely watch Boffing the Babysitter 9 (2011), as with 10.0 it is the highest rated movie John has worked on!

  1. Boffing the Babysitter 9 (2011)
  2. Pleasure (2021)
  3. Hot Chicks Big Fangs (2013)
  4. Sex & Confidence (2016)
  5. My Step Daddy Fucks Me Good (2015)

1. Boffing the Babysitter 9 (2011 Movie)

The best rated movie John Strong has been a part of is the movie Boffing the Babysitter 9, where they had the role of . It has a rating on Friendspire of 10.0 .

2. Pleasure (2021)

Pleasure has a rating on Friendspire of 7.1 and 6.3 on IMDb . John Strong worked on this drama movie as Brian.

3. Hot Chicks Big Fangs (2013)

In Hot Chicks Big Fangs John Strong was worked as Toast the Knowing . This horror movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 6.0 on IMDb .

4. Sex & Confidence (2016)

This movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 . In Sex & Confidence John Strong had the role of .

5. My Step Daddy Fucks Me Good (2015)

John Strong was a part of the movie My Step Daddy Fucks Me Good as . This movie has a rating Friendspire of 7.0 .

Frequently asked questions

When was John Strong born?

John Strong’s birthday is on 9 April 1969 .

What is John Strong’s gender?

John Strong is male.

Where was John Strong born?

John Strong was born in Ukraine.

What is John most known for?

John Strong is most known for acting. John has worked on 827 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is John Strong’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Boffing the Babysitter 9, which has a score of 10.0.

John’s Filmography

As Brian. 20-year-old Bella Cherry leaves her small town in Sweden and heads for Los Angeles with the aim of becoming the world's next big porn star, but the road to her goal turns out to be bumpier than she imagined.

Executive producer. The dark, mysterious and deviously sexy Bonnie Rotten appears on an old country road to offer her service to three men broken down and stranded. Beguiled, the men follow the seductive vixen to her home where a huge all girl Halloween bash is underway. The guys think they are in for the night of their lives, little do they know something sinfully sexy and sinister is in store for them. These tantalizing women aren't what they appear to be. Also starring Nikki Benz, Monique Alexander, Romi Rain & Destiny Dixon for a night of steaming hot sex with a chilling dark twist.

Executive producer. Even some of the most powerful men have their insecurities. In this series of vignettes, we follow John, Mick, James and Keiran as they explore and deal with the challenges and frustrations of certain sexual situations... mastering their fears and self-doubts with the help of some sexy, patient and understanding women.

Executive producer. These little, young deviants have a thing for their step-father, while mother is away the children come out and play.

Executive producer. Now's your chance to finally fulfill your "fucking the babysitter" fantasy and you've got 2 hours before your wife comes home. Make some excuse to expose your cock and see what she does. You're in luck, she has a "fuck an older man" fantasy! Fucking perfect!

Executive producer. Fetish fiend Aiden Riley presents submissive, young starlets and dominant studs in a spectacle of squirting pussies, intense sodomy and messy, ass-to-mouth cocksucking: "Choked And Soaked 2."

Executive producer. Alt porn! Jessie Lee was going through a bad breakup in the adult DVD Jessie Lee's Girls' Night Out, but like any group of BFFs (Juliette Black, Mabel, Krissie Dee) they won't let her stay home and mope! It's time for a girl's night out they will never forget! Good times, good friends and good cock can put a smile on any girl's face!

Executive producer. Every whore down in Whoreville liked Christmas a lot... But the Grinch who lived just north of Whoreville did not! The Grinch hated Christmas season... Please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason, it could be perhaps that her shoes were too tight... it could be the fact that she hasn't been screwed quite right... But I think the most likely reason of all... Maybe that all the cocks she encountered were too small!!

Executive producer. It all starts when Justine Jones accidentally summons two sexual demons to earth. As the two succubi embark on a sexual rampage, Justine is recruited by Satan to hunt down the pair of errant she-devils and send them back to Hell.

Executive producer. Take a trip into Krystal Steal's over-sexed mind, in a movie that cuts right to the point. Krystal teams up with the queen of adult, Jenna Jameson, to bring to life one of the hottest girl/girl scenes ever caught on camera.

As (archive footage). Ralph has always dreamed of fucking Cytherea's famous squirting cunt! So we made it happen for his birthday! Cindy went to the park just to get some sun, but she ended up going home with Romeo to get soaking wet! Sheena owes Chris a lot of money, but she hates going out of pocket so she gave up some of that sweet pussy and squirted all over his big cock to pay him back. Tiffany is a perverted lil' tramp who made so much noise masturbating that her mom's boyfriend couldn't resist pounding her pussy until she came all over the place and wet up the bed with pussy juice!

Executive producer. What happens when you take sexual fantasies to the next level? Angel, a phone sex operator with a taste for the dangerous, decides to cross the line and find out... Putting the phone aside, she begins acting out her clients' dark desires in real 1-on-1 action. This sends Angels on a scorching joyride through a dark underworld filled with secrets, sleaze and sins... Dial 'S' for sex.

Executive producer. Sara Paelin and Bristhole Paelin were steaming mad about some nasty comments that David Ledderman made, but things got even hotter during his green room apology! Perris and her mom Kathy knew the only way to jump start her movie career was by sucking some director cock. When a dirty Paparazzo confronted Brittni & Lyn with an embarrassing picture, they were to pay him off with the pussy! When Linzey Lohen went to rehab with her mom Dena, they let Billy fuck'em hard for booze!

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