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Kai Hansen


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About Kai Hansen

Kai Hansen is a 59 years old male from Hambourg. Kai is most well known for acting, and has 18 known credits, of which 18 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Kai Hansen’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Kai Hansen’s movies you should definitely watch Gamma Ray: Skeletons & Majesties Live (2012) Kai has worked on!

  1. Gamma Ray: Skeletons & Majesties Live (2012)
  2. Gamma Ray - Live in Barcelona 2008 (2008)
  3. Young Guitar - Helloween & Gamma Ray (0)
  4. Avantasia: The Flying Opera (2011)
  5. Helloween : United Alive in Madrid (2019)

1. Gamma Ray: Skeletons & Majesties Live (2012 Movie)

The best rated movie Kai Hansen has been a part of is the music movie Gamma Ray: Skeletons & Majesties Live, where they had the role of Vocals, Guitars.

2. Gamma Ray - Live in Barcelona 2008 (2008)

Kai Hansen worked on this music, documentary movie as .

3. Young Guitar - Helloween & Gamma Ray (0)

In Young Guitar - Helloween & Gamma Ray Kai Hansen was worked as Toast the Knowing.

4. Avantasia: The Flying Opera (2011)

In Avantasia: The Flying Opera Kai Hansen had the role of lead vocals on track 14 and 16.

5. Helloween : United Alive in Madrid (2019)

Kai Hansen was a part of the movie Helloween : United Alive in Madrid as Vocals & Guitars.

Frequently asked questions

When was Kai Hansen born?

Kai Hansen’s birthday is on 17 January 1963.

What is Kai Hansen’s gender?

Kai Hansen is male.

Where was Kai Hansen born?

Kai Hansen was born in Hambourg.

What is Kai most known for?

Kai Hansen is most known for acting. Kai has worked on 18 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Kai Hansen’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Gamma Ray: Skeletons & Majesties Live, which has a score of 0.0.

Kai’s Filmography

As Vocals, Guitars. "Skeletons & Majesties Live" features the live recording of the band's performance at the legendary Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland from April 29th, 2011 . The DVD and Blu-ray also feature additional bonus tracks, lots of behind the scenes bonus material, rare archive material and interviews with the band.

Executive producer. Gamma Ray: Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome Disc 3 "Live in Barcelona 2008" A small road movie shot during the "Hellish Rock Spain" 2008 tour and 4 live, multi-camera, pro-recorded tracks.

As lead vocals on track 14 and 16. The Flying Opera is the first Avantasia live album by German power metal vocalist Tobias Sammet, released in March 2011. It was recorded during their first world tour in 2008, in support of the album The Scarecrow.

As Vocals & Guitars. The shows celebrated the greatest hits from three decades and offered a breakneck trip through time and the entire HELLOWEEN repertoire – including songs, the band hadn’t played live for a very long time, or even never before. The recordings took place during the band's Pumpkins United World Tour (2017–2018), with former members Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen joining Helloween's line-up. The main concert was recorded on 9 December 2017 in Madrid, Spain and the bonus tracks in Chile, Brazil, Czech Republic and Germany. Extra material includes a band interview, as well as LED content and animations shown during the shows.

As lead vocals. Power Metal lovers also had their place in the past "Rock In Rio" held in Brazil. That's why we leave the presentation of HELLOWEEN Germans, who also had the pleasure to invite on stage to an old friend, Kai Hansen. Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 22, 2013. The setlist that evening was:   01. Eagle Fly Free 02. Where the Sinners Go 03. Waiting for the Thunder 04. I'm Alive 05. Live Now! 06. If I Could Fly 07. Power 08. Are You Metal? 09. Dr. Stein (with Kai Hansen) 10. Future World (with Kai Hansen) 11. I Want Out (with Kai Hansen)

As Himself. One of the biggest names in melodic speed metal in the world at Rock in Rio 2019. Helloween is a band that has revolutionized metal with their striking choruses and fantastic riffs. On the current PUMPKINS UNITED tour, something happened that all fans have always dreamed of: Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen have teamed up with Weikath and Grosskopf to play the band's great classics. It will be amazing to see Kiske and Deris on vocals, Weikath, Hansen and Sascha on guitars, Grosskopf and Dani on bass and drums, all together on Stage World, on Metal Day! There will be magic in the air in Rock City.

As Himself. Heading for the East was recorded live on November 11th, 1990 at Shibuya Kokaido Hall in Tokyo, Japan by the German power metal band Gamma Ray following the release of their album Heading for Tomorrow.

As Lead Vocals & Guitars. After coming off a successful US run with fellow Power Metal masters Helloween, Gamma Ray is releasing their first live DVD with their current lineup. The DVD features a multi-camera recording of the band s May 6, 2006 show at Le Medley in Montreal, Quebec as well as lots of bonus features including: a road movie, a documentary covering Gamma Ray s history, behind-the-scenes footage and much more.

As Vox, Guitars. Gamma Ray at Teatro dos Vampiros, São Paulo, Brazil Ride the Sky Land of the Free Man on a Mission Rebellion in Dreamland Heaven Can Wait Valley of the Kings Abyss of the Void Drum Solo Future World Space Eater Fairytale Tribute to the Past Heading for Tomorrow

As Guitars, Vocals. This release was recorded during the 1993 Melodic Metal Tour at Hamburg’s Dock’s venue on September 25, sharing the bill with fellow German headbangers Rage, whose performance has also been released on DVD and the review can be seen here. The lineup for this show consisted of Ralf Scheepers on lead vocals, Kai Hansen on guitar, Dirk Schlachter on guitar and keyboards, Jan Rubach on bass and Thomas Nack on drums. The show was to see one of the last performances of Scheepers as he left the band soon after this tour. Based on a three album recording career including the albums Heading For Tomorrow, Sigh No More and Insanity and Genius the band had an established fan base coming into this tour. The show is a mix of live performances and interviews, giving a great insight into the show but also to some behind the scenes goings on. It also includes footage in the recording studio for the production of the Insanity and Genius album.

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