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Ku Wen-Chung


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About Ku Wen-Chung

Ku Wen-Chung is most well known for acting, and has 71 known credits, of which 71 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Ku Wen-Chung’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Ku Wen-Chung’s movies you should definitely watch Five Fingers of Death (1972), as with 7.5 it is the highest rated movie Ku has worked on!

  1. Five Fingers of Death (1972)
  2. Flying Guillotine II (1978)
  3. Iron Bodyguard (1973)
  4. The Adulteress (1963)
  5. Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty (1980)

1. Five Fingers of Death (1972 Movie)

The best rated movie Ku Wen-Chung has been a part of is the action movie Five Fingers of Death, where they had the role of Master Sung Wu-Yang. It has a rating on Friendspire of 7.5 and 7.1 on IMDb .

2. Flying Guillotine II (1978)

Flying Guillotine II has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 6.3 on IMDb . Ku Wen-Chung worked on this action movie as Royal Teacher Yeung.

3. Iron Bodyguard (1973)

In Iron Bodyguard Ku Wen-Chung was worked as Toast the Knowing . This action movie has a rating on 6.2 on IMDb .

4. The Adulteress (1963)

This history, drama movie has a rating on 7.0 on IMDb . In The Adulteress Ku Wen-Chung had the role of Minister Hsia.

5. Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty (1980)

Ku Wen-Chung was a part of the movie Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty as Li Chang-Lai. This drama, comedy movie has a rating 6.4 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Ku Wen-Chung born?

Ku Wen-Chung’s birthday is on 8 February 1909 .

What is Ku Wen-Chung’s gender?

Ku Wen-Chung is male.

What is Ku most known for?

Ku Wen-Chung is most known for acting. Ku has worked on 71 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Ku Wen-Chung’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Five Fingers of Death, which has a score of 7.5.

Ku’s Filmography

As Master Sung Wu-Yang. A young boxer joins a martial arts school to increase his skill so he can enter a martial arts competition. He leaves the school when he hears that a local gangster is terrorizing the town. He comes to the aid of a young singer and brings on the wrath of the local gang. He eventually enters the martial arts competition after learning iron palm technique and takes out all competition.

As Royal Teacher Yeung. The emperor's reign of terror expands. Heroic outlaw Ma Teng joins a squad of female rebels, whose leader is torn between family loyalties.

As Kang You-Wei. An Iron Bodyguard called Wang Wu meets a scholar and forms a strong friendship with him after they fight some villains together. The scholar is a member of the reformists - a group of scholars pressing for social reform in China towards the end of the Qing dynasty. The Emperor is actually all for reforms, and appoints this group to run the country. This doesn't suit the Empress Dowager though, as she has no intention of losing her power. She orders the reformists to be arrested, and Chen Kuan Tai hence gets drawn into politics despite having no real political views himself.

As Minister Hsia. The noted actress Li Li-hua, star of more than sixty films since 1947, beautifully portrays the drugged, then disgraced wife of a peddler in the waning days of the Ching Dynasty. To make matters worse, she’s soon framed for her husband’s murder by her rapist - the son of the local magistrate! And even that isn’t the end of her woes. It’s best to have a box of tissues nearby as two expert directors ratchet up the emotional suspense in this consummate tearjerker.

As Li Chang-Lai. The year is 1756 and the Emperor journeys to Soochow, where he encounters a famous courtesan and gets involved with in all sorts of un-emperor-like activities.

As Master Cho Wen-Chien. 18-year-old Ainu is kidnapped and sold to a brothel. Her good looks and wild personality make her very popular with the lustful clients, but also draw the lesbian attentions of brothel madam Chun Yi. Chun Yi teaches Ai nu the ways of lust and the ways of kung fu, and Ai nu becomes more and more similar to her captor. But rage at her treatment is still burning inside her.

Executive producer. A detective and wanderer called Man Tshu comes to town and challenges the crime family that owns it, burning their opium and taking away one of their prostitute wives as his love interest.

As Mr. Wong. Chang Chen-Wai, a martial arts expert who runs a jade-importing business, follows his missing brother to Thailand and learns he has been murdered. Chang vows revenge.

Executive producer. After a sudden spike of supply into the drug ridden streets, staunch anti-narcotics cop hellbent on disrupting the flow of drugs beyond the Golden Triangle recruits the help of an attractive young ex-convict to infiltrate a major Thai based drug syndicate controlled by a ruthless drug lord who's expanded their operations into Hong Kong. As our seductive undercover heroine gets inside and rises the ranks to the top, skepticism also rises as the boss' jealous moll smells a plant.

As Director of Police Jia. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor! Like Robin Hood, the title hero of The Lizard is a philanthropic thief, except the Lizard makes his rounds in 1930s Shanghai. Corrupt police chief Chen Can (Law Lit) is assigned to bring down the Lizard to appease the sinister Japanese forces, but the Lizard constantly eludes his grasp. Little does Chen Can know that the wily thief actually works for him! The Lizard's true identity is the mousy Cheng Long (Ngok Wah), who dons a mask and takes to the streets to spread his righteous message.

As Master Fu Yong. A magician makes money by charging people to cast love spells on the objects of their affection. Complications arise when he decides that he wants a customer's bride for himself.

As Doctor Ku. After the Ming Emperor is overthrown and his infant son put in the care of the Black Dragon Society, a traitorous martial arts clan attacks the society and forces two inexperienced swordsmen to flee with the infant and begin a dangerous journey in search of allies.

As General Lu Qiang. A young swordsman is tasked to lead a patriotic secret society to fight a traitorous general who conspired with the enemy to invade their country. In due course, he meets two pretty sisters from a rural tribe and is caught between the affections of the two girls...

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