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Mia Concio


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About Mia Concio

Mia Concio is most well known for writing, and has 4 known credits, of which 4 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Mia Concio’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Mia Concio’s movies you should definitely watch An Indivisible Heaven (1985) Mia has worked on!

  1. An Indivisible Heaven (1985)
  2. Kahit Isang Saglit (2000)
  3. Kailan Ka Magiging Akin (1991)
  4. Love at First Sight (1990)

1. An Indivisible Heaven (1985 Movie)

The best rated movie Mia Concio has been a part of is the drama movie An Indivisible Heaven, where they had the role of writing. It has a rating 7.5 on IMDb.

2. Kahit Isang Saglit (2000)

Kahit Isang Saglit has a rating on 7.7 on IMDb . Mia Concio worked on this drama, romance movie as writing.

3. Kailan Ka Magiging Akin (1991)

In Kailan Ka Magiging Akin Mia Concio was worked as screenplay.

4. Love at First Sight (1990)

In Love at First Sight Mia Concio had the role of writing.

Frequently asked questions

What is Mia most known for?

Mia Concio is most known for writing. Mia has worked on 4 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Mia Concio’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is An Indivisible Heaven, which has a score of 0.0.

Mia’s Filmography

Executive producer. College buddies Dexter, Annie, and Michael decided to form an architecture firm after college. When everything is going fine between Annie and Michael, Dexter accidentally fell into the construction site and was put into a comma. Michael supported Annie and became Anna’s crying shoulder. As they continue to go on with their architectural project, Annie never misses to visit her boyfriend, who can hear all of her stories. Annie is hopeful that she would soon wake up. But she also began to see Michael’s admirable traits.

Executive producer. Nothing can be greater than a mother's love for her child. And no one but a mother is willing to risk her own to save her child. After marrying Shirley who got pregnant by another man, Ben demanded to have the baby adopted. Left with no choice, she gave her baby to Adul.

Executive producer. Roselle, Vera, and Gemma are three childhood friends living different lives in search of love and real happiness.

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