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About Michel Auder

Michel Auder is a male from Soissons, Aisne, France. Michel is most well known for directing, and has 39 known credits, of which 39 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Michel Auder’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Michel Auder’s movies you should definitely watch Polaroid Cocaine (1993) Michel has worked on!

  1. Polaroid Cocaine (1993)
  2. Fun and Games for Everyone (1969)
  3. Gulf War TV War (2017)
  4. Cleopatra (1970)
  5. Birth of a Nation (1997)

1. Polaroid Cocaine (1993 Movie)

The best rated movie Michel Auder has been a part of is the movie Polaroid Cocaine, where they had the role of directing.

2. Fun and Games for Everyone (1969)

Fun and Games for Everyone has a rating on 8.3 on IMDb . Michel Auder worked on this movie as directing.

3. Gulf War TV War (2017)

In Gulf War TV War Michel Auder was worked as director.

4. Cleopatra (1970)

This movie has a rating on 6.5 on IMDb. In Cleopatra Michel Auder had the role of directing.

5. Birth of a Nation (1997)

Michel Auder was a part of the movie Birth of a Nation as directing. This documentary movie has a rating 7.2 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

What is Michel Auder’s gender?

Michel Auder is male.

Where was Michel Auder born?

Michel Auder was born in Soissons, Aisne, France.

What is Michel most known for?

Michel Auder is most known for directing. Michel has worked on 39 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Michel Auder’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Polaroid Cocaine, which has a score of 0.0.

Michel’s Filmography

Executive producer. The thrill of cocaine becomes a metaphor for the consumption of images in this short montage. The title and lyrics come from Auder´s friend and 2001 Prix Goncourt winner Jean-Jacques Shuhl. The piece is composed entirely of still photographs from a variety of books and magazines that simultaneously reveal and feed an addiction to spectacle. With a source that is once removed, Auder's scopophilia is symptomatic of society at large. The song is performed by legendary chanteuse Ingrid Caven. Suffused with a bittersweet melancholy, Canven's seasoned voice compliments Auder's selection of images which dwell on the themes of death, destruction and desire. The melody is classic cabaret performed by a piano/violin duo who dramatically heighten the works already dark eroticism.

Executive producer. “FUN AND GAMES (FOR EVERYONE): a pitch black and milky white film shot during one of Olivier Mosset's exhibition openings. A psychedelic game of improvisation joins the Zanzibar group with Salvador Dalí, Barbet Schroeder and Jean Mascolo... the solarized image reminiscent of thick strokes of a paintbrush.” - Philippe Azoury

Executive producer. Gulf War TV War was made in one of Auder's usual domestic modes: filming his TV, in which he documents American television news during the run-up to the first Gulf War, a mixture of crass propaganda and feeble journalism, image and text. Montages of antiwar demonstrators marching across Manhattan and gray-faced politicians at dark desks extolling invasion compete with commercials and text scrolling the pixilated screen.

Executive producer. Cleopatra situates itself in the same relationship to Hollywood as the Warhol/Morrisey films of the period. It corresponds to Joseph Mankiewicz's 1963 Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton which Auder's cast watched and used as the starting point for scene by scene improvisation Auder drew his cast from Warhol's ensemble – including not only Viva and Louis Waldon, but also Taylor Mead, Ondine, Andrea Feldman, Gerard Melanga and others.

Executive producer. Critic Gary Indiana wrote this satire and plays Dom, a rich, naive and young homosexual who moves into his sister's apartment. He immediately becomes involved with the lives of his quirky new neighbors. Rippley (Taylor Meade) is the chatty but depressed author and talk show host. Dominatrix Mavis (Cookie Mueller) drops by to visit or ask for child sitting favors when free from the demands of her kinky clients. Jackie Curtis plays Buddie, the handsome hunk who picks up Dom in a local bar, and Geoffrey Carey is the Angel of Death who carefully watches over all activity. (IMDb)

Executive producer. Voyage's structure is simple. Coastal landscape footage and spectacular sunsets are combined with phone conversations recorded from a scanner that picks up cordless phone frequencies.

Executive producer. Michel Auder dedicated himself to capturing the views from his apartment over the course of a year. This three-channel video installation from 2014 is based on that footage.

Executive producer. In 1970 Valerie Solanas was released from a mental institution, two 
years after shooting Andy Warhol. Still unstable, she moved into the 
Chelsea Hotel where she penned a death threat to Michel Auder and his
wife Viva. Using a soundtrack by Wagner, Auder surveys the handwritten
 evidence of Solanas's threat, before reciting its threatening prose

Executive producer. 1967 (made in 2015) presents newly found and digitized silent 16mm films from the 1960s in the form of a four-part composition portraying a cast of artists, writers, musicians and actors who made up the bohemian underground of that time. The film recasts the essence of a scene whose participants have since been idealized as celebrities or else forgotten.

Executive producer. Reel-to-reel video by Michel Auder, recorded 1971, edited 2009. Features Auder's former wife Viva.

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