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About Nino Vingelli

Nino Vingelli is a 110 years old male from Naples, Campania, Italy. Nino is most well known for acting, and has 68 known credits, of which 68 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Nino Vingelli’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Nino Vingelli’s movies you should definitely watch Ferdinand I King of Naples (1959), as with 5.0 it is the highest rated movie Nino has worked on!

  1. Ferdinand I King of Naples (1959)
  2. Europa canta (1966)
  3. The Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971)
  4. Cafè Express (1980)
  5. I due maghi del pallone (1970)

1. Ferdinand I King of Naples (1959 Movie)

The best rated movie Nino Vingelli has been a part of is the comedy movie Ferdinand I King of Naples, where they had the role of Giocatore a carte. It has a rating on Friendspire of 5.0 and 6.4 on IMDb .

2. Europa canta (1966)

Europa canta has a rating on 4.6 on IMDb . Nino Vingelli worked on this comedy, western, music movie as .

3. The Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971)

In The Black Belly of the Tarantula Nino Vingelli was worked as Toast the Knowing . This horror, mystery, thriller movie has a rating on 6.3 on IMDb .

4. Cafè Express (1980)

This comedy movie has a rating on 7.1 on IMDb . In Cafè Express Nino Vingelli had the role of Il prete.

5. I due maghi del pallone (1970)

Nino Vingelli was a part of the movie I due maghi del pallone as Don Alfio. This comedy movie has a rating 5.4 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Nino Vingelli born?

Nino Vingelli’s birthday is on 4 June 1912 .

What is Nino Vingelli’s gender?

Nino Vingelli is male.

Where was Nino Vingelli born?

Nino Vingelli was born in Naples, Campania, Italy.

What is Nino most known for?

Nino Vingelli is most known for acting. Nino has worked on 68 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Nino Vingelli’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Ferdinand I King of Naples, which has a score of 5.0.

Nino’s Filmography

As Giocatore a carte. The story of "King Lazzarone" Ferdinand I of Bourbon whose pastime was to neglect the government and disguise himself as a poor man and turn to the infamous city premises in search of love adventures. With the De Filippo brothers to complete.

Executive producer. Little Europe, a town in the American West, is chosen as the site for a European Music Festival to be internationally broadcast via television. The peace of the village is put in jeopardy when it comes to electing judges because the dormant antagonisms of the descendants of Italian, Spanish, French and Germans will be awakened, but the good sheriff easily resolves the dispute. Then the problem becomes more acute when the lawyer Betty, a comely young lady, who is late in coming to the event because she was seized by the henchmen of an industry bully who wants to influence the victory of one of his favorite songs.

As Don Alfio. The manager of a football team wants to hire a coach. Luckily the team begin to win but on the eve of an important match the opposing team has their best scorer kidnapped. Will they win the match all the same?

As Don Gaetano. Michele Placido plays Antonio, an Italian immigrant in New York who finds himself drawn into the Mob when his options are limited and his desire to make a new life for himself becomes increasingly difficult.

As Guappo. As soon as he graduated from the Naples Conservatory, Vincenzo Bellini meets Maddalena Fumaroli and immediately falls in love with her.

As Guappo (segment "Il guappo") (uncredited). Tribute to Naples, where director De Sica spent his first years, this is a collection of six Napolitean episodes : a clown exploited by a gangster ; an inconstant pizza seller (Sofia) loosing her husband's ring ; the funeral of a dead child ; the gambler Count Prospero B. defeated by a kid ; the unexpected and unusual wedding of Teresa, a prostitute ; the "professor" Ersilio Micci, a "wisdom seller".

Executive producer. Stuck in a dream world of his own, Italian sculptor Albert Saporito, sometimes has difficulty separating truth from fiction. When he dreams that his gangster neighbor has been murdered, he reports the crime to the police, only to involve himself in a complicated situation.

As Un cliente di Santina. The amorous adventures of Andrea Rossi-Colombotti, an army officer who finds pleasure with beautiful women in life-threatening situations.

As Impresario. During a fair, a charlatan is able to sell to a group of retired persons a piece of sky that would give them a quiet place to live well after death. The old men buy the story and decide to commit suicide to get to the corner of heaven that belongs to them.

As un detenuto. In the movie La valigia dei sogni (The Suitcase of Dreams, Italy, 1953) directed by Luigi Comencini, some sequences from Cenere are inserted. The protagonist is a former silent film actor who has saved old movies of his time from destruction, and uses them to set up recreational performances at schools. After an accidental fire and the risk of prison, he meets a rich producer who helps him to build a film museum.

As Ursus. A 1966 French-Italian film version made in Italy, titled L'uomo che ride, directed by Sergio Corbucci. This version features elaborate colour photography but a very low production budget. The main action is shifted to Italy and moved yesterwards in time, with the deformed protagonist meeting Lucrezia Borgia instead of Queen Anne. In this version, Gwynplaine is renamed Angelo (played by Jean Sorel). His disfigurement is represented as a single broad slash across his mouth, crude yet convincing. The story (which is attributed, in the movie credits, to the director, producer and others involved in making the film, but not to Victor Hugo) is a swashbuckler pitting the disfigured acrobat against the henchmen of the Borgias. At the end, Dea (actress Lina Sini) miraculously acquires her eyesight and Angelo undergoes surgery that completely reverses his disfigurement and renders him perfectly handsome.

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