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Péter Tímár


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About Péter Tímár

Péter Tímár is a 71 years old male from Budapest. Péter is most well known for directing, and has 17 known credits, of which 17 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Péter Tímár’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Péter Tímár’s movies you should definitely watch The Pregnant Papa (1989) Péter has worked on!

  1. The Pregnant Papa (1989)
  2. Sound Eroticism (1985)
  3. Leave Robinson Alone (1990)
  4. Slap-Jack (1992)
  5. Privát történelem (1978)

1. The Pregnant Papa (1989 Movie)

The best rated movie Péter Tímár has been a part of is the comedy movie The Pregnant Papa, where they had the role of directing. It has a rating 7.5 on IMDb .

2. Sound Eroticism (1985)

Sound Eroticism has a rating on 7.6 on IMDb . Péter Tímár worked on this movie as directing.

3. Leave Robinson Alone (1990)

In Leave Robinson Alone Péter Tímár was worked as director, editor, writer. This movie has a rating on 5.1 on IMDb .

4. Slap-Jack (1992)

This movie has a rating on 7.8 on IMDb . In Slap-Jack Péter Tímár had the role of directing.

5. Privát történelem (1978)

Péter Tímár was a part of the movie Privát történelem as directing.

Frequently asked questions

When was Péter Tímár born?

Péter Tímár’s birthday is on 19 December 1950 .

What is Péter Tímár’s gender?

Péter Tímár is male.

Where was Péter Tímár born?

Péter Tímár was born in Budapest.

What is Péter most known for?

Péter Tímár is most known for directing. Péter has worked on 17 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Péter Tímár’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is The Pregnant Papa, which has a score of 0.0.

Péter’s Filmography

Executive producer. In the small village of Rátót, every male is called Béla. When a woman gives birth to her child, she names him Józsi...

Executive producer. In the box factory standing in the middle of nowhere only women work, and they themselves only waste their time, as the unmarketable boxes pile up in the yards. The fireman in duty, who stores stolen gasoline in the inflammable plant, sets up cameras in the women's locker room the sake of 'business'.

Executive producer. Defoe, lacking fantasy of his own takes home the drunkard sailor from the pub and lets him tell his stories on the uninhabited island.

Executive producer. The story happens in 1989 in the suburbs of Budapest, where the neighbor maintains an underground worker's guard training base, while the youngsters fall victim to a mistakenly posted letter.

Executive producer. The makers, especially Péter Tímár wanted to invoke the atmosphere of the communist dictatorship of Rákosi era lasted from 1947 to 1956. I think they've managed to reconstruct it very much: if you read the history books about the era and newspapers from that times, if you listened to your parents' and grandparents' tales, you will experience the similarities are shocking. The main character (Tutti - Károly Eperjes) is excellent, Eperjes, acting an eccentric, but likable crank is in his royal spirits.

Executive producer. The story is based around an American Idol kind of TV talent show and the eventual winner of the contest: a young orphan woman, who works at an orphanage herself. As I learned from the werkfilm on the DVD, the story was specifically written for Oláh, who in real life was the runner-up of the very first such TV show in Hungary “Megasztár” (“MegaStar”) in 2004. She didn’t win there despite being many viewers’ favorite and having a terrific voice. It is kind of a consolation that she won in the movie, although reading the legal troubles about getting her fee must have made the victory sour.

Executive producer. The title of this Hungarian comedy is a German pun on "room for rent" (Zimmer Feri). Near-broke and desperate, Hungarian entrepreneur Feri decides to put a sleazy spin on tourism. After leasing a Lake Balaton boarding house, he moves in his gang -- wife, nephew, daughter, and the daughter's boyfriend -- and then sets out to scam unsuspecting German tourists. Written and directed by Peter Timor (Dollybirds). This film is also known as Feri's Gang. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Executive producer. The 50 years old Ferenc rents an apartment on the Balaton beach, but it has a lot of debt on it. His plan is to make it profitable.

Executive producer. A divorced middle-aged woman takes home an ardent suitor, only to discover that he prefers her teenage son. The mother is an overworked coffee-shop attendant, the suitor turns out to be a plain-clothes policeman and the boy is a frustrated flautist.

Executive producer. In the open-air cinema-like scenery domestic rock bands get time for a short movie clip each, linked by an also short musical frame-play. Each of the altogether eighteen clips is a whole film etude playing with visual-lingual associations, film ideas, revealing the back-thought of the songs, and on the whole sometimes melancholicly, sometimes ironically the hopeless, sad picture of the era can be distinguished.

Executive producer. One day, two unsuccessful rock musicians, Ede and Zaki, come across a competition. To commemorate the anniversary of the Institute for the Blind, they have to write a musical piece for the blind. Since there are no other candidates, they get the job. In two nights they put the piece together. However to their great disappointment, they find that they also have to teach the blind kids to perform it, if they want to get the money. Unwillingly they are submerged into the world of the blind; just like the spectator. While Zaki works on the musical in a studio, Ede starts rehearsing with the blind youths. A strange competition starts among the blind girls. They all fall in love with Ede, and the blonde Edith makes up her mind to approach him. But he fails as a director. He has no idea how to handle these people, so he soon gives up. However...

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