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Rico Simmons


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About Rico Simmons

Rico Simmons is a 46 years old male from France. Rico is most well known for acting, and has 166 known credits, of which 165 are movies, and 1 are TV shows.

Rico Simmons’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Rico Simmons’s movies you should definitely watch U.S. Stars Anthology (2021), as with 10.0 it is the highest rated movie Rico has worked on!

  1. U.S. Stars Anthology (2021)
  2. Manon's Perfume (2015)
  3. Chloe, the Blaze (2018)
  4. My Libertine Wife (2020)
  5. Les Françaises Anthology - 1ère partie (2015)

1. U.S. Stars Anthology (2021 Movie)

The best rated movie Rico Simmons has been a part of is the movie U.S. Stars Anthology, where they had the role of . It has a rating on Friendspire of 10.0 .

2. Manon's Perfume (2015)

Manon's Perfume has a rating on 5.9 on IMDb . Rico Simmons worked on this drama, romance movie as .

3. Chloe, the Blaze (2018)

In Chloe, the Blaze Rico Simmons was worked as Toast the Knowing .

4. My Libertine Wife (2020)

In My Libertine Wife Rico Simmons had the role of .

5. Les Françaises Anthology - 1ère partie (2015)

Rico Simmons was a part of the movie Les Françaises Anthology - 1ère partie as .

Rico Simmons’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Rico Simmons’s shows you should definitely watch X Femmes (2008), as with 10.0 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. X Femmes (2008)

1. X Femmes (2008)

The adult TV show X Femmes has a rating Friendspire of 10.0 and 5.8 on IMDb . Rico Simmons was in this show!

Frequently asked questions

When was Rico Simmons born?

Rico Simmons’s birthday is on 16 September 1976 .

What is Rico Simmons’s gender?

Rico Simmons is male.

Where was Rico Simmons born?

Rico Simmons was born in France.

What is Rico most known for?

Rico Simmons is most known for acting. Rico has worked on 165 movies and 1 TV shows.

What is Rico Simmons’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is U.S. Stars Anthology, which has a score of 10.0.

What is Rico Simmons’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is X Femmes, which has a score of 10.0.

Rico’s Filmography

Executive producer. X Femmes is a French television series of short films shown on Canal+ in 2008–2009. They were shot by female directors with the goal of producing erotica from a female point of view.

Executive producer. Karen and her husband Christophe knew how to give free rein to their fantasies. Between the incredible high-society orgies in which they regularly participated and their naughty sex games, they had explored all their most perverse desires by always pushing themselves to the limit ? perhaps at times even going too far... But Christophe has not been the same man since Karen passed away. The haunting images of gorgeous creatures offering themselves to several men now seem to belong to another life. These days, he tries to recapture those old thrills in the arms of prostitutes in red light districts ? but all in vain... The flame that once burnt inside him has been snuffed out and he is desperately attempting to rekindle it.

Executive producer. At 28 years old, every aspect of Chloé's life seems perfectly worked out: a solid relationship and a satisfying sex life, at least on the surface. Until an unexpected meeting with a perfect stranger leads to her very first orgasm, almost by accident. From then on, Chloé takes becomes aware of her sexual frustration and her everyday life is changed forever. What happens in the mind of a woman who has never come, when suddenly one day she discovers the meaning of pleasure? Chloé can no longer do without it and decides to take her fantasies even further. Little by little she distances herself from her perfect relationship, launching into darker and darker experiences, until all her former beliefs are shattered. Between disturbing bisexual experiences where the bodies of men and women become indistinguishable and wild encounters in seedy places, Chloé gets off over and over and everything starts to explode.

Executive producer. Megane and Fred have been married for 3 years. Fred is starting to feel the routine settling in slowly within their couple... That's when he decides to propose to his young wife to make libertine encounters to spice up their quiet life. But everything gets out of hand! Megane's libertine initiation transforms her into a real slut who wants more and more while he becomes more and more jealous...

As (archive footage). For this third installment of his MILF Anthology Marc Dorcel has selected some of the hottest MILFs around. They may not be 20 anymore but they still have a lot to teach to their younger partners. + 3 hours, 16 MILFs, 10 scenes. For this third installment of his MILF Anthology Marc Dorcel has selected some of the hottest MILFs around. They may not be 20 anymore but they still have a lot to teach to their younger partners.

As Pierre. Everything starts with a kiss on a bridge, between a woman engaged in a 10-year relationship with a man and an American artist passing through Paris. The two women are meeting after some time apart, and they begin a passionate relationship.

As (archive footage). For some, submission is a unique way to get pleasure. What is more exciting than voluntarily obeying the desires of your partner? For his 40th anniversary, Marc Dorcel has decided to offer you some of the most arousing submission scenes filmed in the course of these past 40 years. 3h20, 11 scenes and 17 actresses, here’s the chance you were dreaming of to discover or rediscover the history of the inventor of French Pornochic.

Executive producer. Lily, in her forties, is a marriage counselor in a rich neighborhood in London. She provides support to troubled couples who come to seek her advice. One might think that she applies the advice she gives them to her personal life, but it is not the case. Ania is married to a businessman who works in the City and is always on business trips or cheating on her with Kim, a young student. Feeling abandoned, Ania set up a very private reading club with some of her patients who became true friends. To get out of their daily routine, these women live by proxy the erotic adventures they discover during their reading sessions. Whether with one or more strangers or between them, Lily, Claire and Melissa fulfill some of their deepest fantasies while remaining faithful to their husbands.

Executive producer. Jean Lefort is one of the most influential "Masters" of the capital. In the past, the charming Claire Castel, Lana Rhoades and Cléa Gaultier were able to discover pleasures and sensations they had never known existed before they met him. Today, it is the beautiful Alexis Crystal who is about to discover that anal sex and double penetration can make her reach orgasms of a rare intensity. What she didn't know is that Cléa Gaultier, one of Jean's submissives, accompanied by Mariska, doesn't miss anything of the show. Mariska thought she was an accomplished woman. She will soon realize that she still has many pleasures to discover and fantasies to fulfill. Married for several years, she hadn't realized that routine had set in in her couple. Her recent meeting with Cléa Gaultier and her mentor Jean Lefort will quickly open the doors to a totally fulfilled sexuality for her.

Executive producer. The beautiful and talented American journalist Lana is going to launch herself into an investigation about submission. She will meet Jean Lefort, a writer who is specialized in the subject. Taking him at first sight as a narcissistic manipulator, Lana will soon end her interview. Not being the kind of person to give up so easily, Lana will make her mea culpa and agree to leave her camera to share a weekend of initiation with Jean at Claire's, one of her loyal readers. On the way, she will even her nature into an exhibitionist game to convince her host of her intentions.

Executive producer. The world of prostitution unfolds to you through scenes that cross fiction and reality. There is first the client of the hot neighbourhood in Amsterdam, at first timid, but who sodomizes without restraint the girl in the window. The casual hooker who wakes up covered in cum and bills after a gang bang with masked men in a swingers club. The high-end prostitute who travels at the request of her clients and must satisfy the whims of a fetishist voyeur. With the Female Porn Star, don't get confused, if she sucks off a guy in the restroom of a club, it's strictly for the pleasure of it. The real money she earns is with films! The Call girl is whom they call for a very special request, like that blonde who comes to your hotel room for a very special service. Look closely, there is surely a situation that fits your desires...

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