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Serkan Ercan


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About Serkan Ercan

Serkan Ercan is most well known for acting, and has 18 known credits, of which 14 are movies, and 4 are TV shows.

Serkan Ercan’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Serkan Ercan’s movies you should definitely watch One Love (2018), as with 8.3 it is the highest rated movie Serkan has worked on!

  1. One Love (2018)
  2. The Shadow (2008)
  3. İstanbul Tales (2005)
  4. Özür Dilerim (2013)
  5. Eksi Bir (2017)

1. One Love (2018 Movie)

The best rated movie Serkan Ercan has been a part of is the romance, drama movie One Love, where they had the role of Yaşar. It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.3 and 8.2 on IMDb .

2. The Shadow (2008)

The Shadow has a rating on 6.1 on IMDb . Serkan Ercan worked on this drama movie as Halim.

3. İstanbul Tales (2005)

In İstanbul Tales Serkan Ercan was worked as Toast the Knowing . This drama movie has a rating on 7.3 on IMDb .

4. Özür Dilerim (2013)

This drama movie has a rating on 6.0 on IMDb . In Özür Dilerim Serkan Ercan had the role of .

5. Eksi Bir (2017)

Serkan Ercan was a part of the movie Eksi Bir as . This drama movie has a rating 7.3 on IMDb .

Serkan Ercan’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Serkan Ercan’s shows you should definitely watch Şubat (2012) has been a part of!!

  1. Şubat (2012)
  2. Either Freedom or Death (2020)

1. Şubat (2012)

The crime, drama, sci-fi & fantasy TV show Şubat has a rating 7.9 on IMDb . Serkan Ercan was Komiser Arif in this show!

2. Either Freedom or Death (2020)

In Either Freedom or Death Serkan Ercan was Hafız Kemal. This drama, history show has a rating on 8.2 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Serkan Ercan born?

Serkan Ercan’s birthday is on 1 September 1975 .

What is Serkan Ercan’s gender?

Serkan Ercan is male.

What is Serkan most known for?

Serkan Ercan is most known for acting. Serkan has worked on 14 movies and 4 TV shows.

What is Serkan Ercan’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is One Love, which has a score of 8.3.

What is Serkan Ercan’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is Şubat, which has a score of 0.0.

Serkan’s Filmography

As Yaşar. The mid 90’s. Turkey’s political instability, inflation and hopelesness on people were increased. In those years when all hope was lost, people deeply bond with Bold Pilot and Halis Karataş who win every race coming from the last place. People see themselves at the point where this horse and jockey are: at the back. This duo make people to believe that everybody can win. The race ends at the finish line and the first to cross this line are Bold Pilot and Halis riding it.

As Halim. Adapted from Peyami Safa’s novel Selma and Her Shadow, the movie tells the story of Selma. Selma (Görkem Yeltan) is the ultimate femme fatale whose alluring and seductive nature and irresistible charms exude an aura of death for men.

As Hafız Kemal. On March 16, 1920, after the Allied Powers invaded Istanbul and disbanded Meclis-i Mebûsan, the Kuvayi Milliye movement, led by Mustafa Kemal Pasha, and the opening adventure of the fully independent assembly to be established in Ankara are described.

As Takip Eden Adam. Five interconnected stories set in modern-day Istanbul based on the fairytales Snow White, Cinderella, Pied Piper, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood.

As Kenan. Quiet and introverted toll booth clerk Kenan's life, a humdrum routine between the Tavsancik toll booth plaza and his home, will change the day the new operations chief comes to inspect Tavsancik.

As Müdür. Sabri, a barber in Yozgat - a very small city in the middle of Anatolia - has an emotional breakdown when he runs into Yavuz and Neşe, who come to the town to sing in a small music hall-bar. This will also affect Neşe and Yavuz. None of their desires will be how they want them to be.

As Tarık. Tarik is a mathematics teacher who is assigned from Anatolia to Istanbul. Director and other teachers explain to him that the school is a difficult one. First of all, the neighborhood is full of unwanted events. Men wait on the corners trying to sell drugs to kids. On top of all, his students hate math class. Tarik's worldview is not only about teaching mathematics but also about turning math into a system that the students can and use in their daily news. As a teacher, he has various ways to get his students interested in the subject. He tries to win them over by reflecting on the mathematical problems and symbols in their daily lives. However, students cannot concentrate on their classes due to the conditions of the school. Tarik finds himself in a huge struggle from the first day on.

As Hamdi Bey. May 22nd, 1963. Unhappy with the existing social and political situation in Turkey, a group of military officers has planned a coup d’état to take down the government in Ankara. Meanwhile in Istanbul, their conspirators have undertaken the vital mission of taking over the National Radio station and making a formal announcement about the coup. But nothing goes to plan. Faced with a number of obstacles, including a sudden rainstorm, the absence of the radio station technician, a betrayal, the lack of feedback from Ankara and their very own inefficiency, the conspirators scramble to keep their plan on track and announce the success of the coup – that is, if the coup in the capital has taken place at all.

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