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Thomas Wilson-White


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About Thomas Wilson-White

Thomas Wilson-White is most well known for directing, and has 4 known credits, of which 4 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Thomas Wilson-White’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Thomas Wilson-White’s movies you should definitely watch St. Augustine (2019) Thomas has worked on!

  1. St. Augustine (2019)
  2. The Greenhouse (2021)
  3. Back to Earth (2014)
  4. Only Different (2018)

1. St. Augustine (2019 Movie)

The best rated movie Thomas Wilson-White has been a part of is the drama movie St. Augustine, where they had the role of directing.

2. The Greenhouse (2021)

The Greenhouse has a rating on 4.9 on IMDb . Thomas Wilson-White worked on this drama, fantasy movie as directing.

3. Back to Earth (2014)

In Back to Earth Thomas Wilson-White was worked as director.

4. Only Different (2018)

In Only Different Thomas Wilson-White had the role of directing.

Frequently asked questions

What is Thomas most known for?

Thomas Wilson-White is most known for directing. Thomas has worked on 4 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Thomas Wilson-White’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is St. Augustine, which has a score of 0.0.

Thomas’s Filmography

Executive producer. While staying by the sea, a young man becomes aware of a third person in his floundering relationship.

Executive producer. The Greenhouse is a magic-realist drama that centres on the eldest child of two women, Beth, who discovers a portal into the past on their family property. On the cusp of her widowed mother Ruth's sixtieth birthday and the return of her dysfunctional siblings Drew, Doonie and Raf, Beth is swept away by visions of their idyllic childhood and re-lives the moments that defined her adolescence. Despite Ruth's warnings, and as real-world tensions grow between the siblings, Beth becomes dependant on the greenhouse, soon realising it isn't the paradise she believed it to be.

Executive producer. A young man resurrects his recently deceased older brother for 12 hours, and they go on one last adventure together.

Executive producer. Only Different draws on the life of Thomas Wilson-White, and his two mums Amanda and Polly. Through interviews and simulated archival footage, Thomas explores and reimagines the many possible versions of the family unit.

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