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Wilfrid North


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About Wilfrid North

Wilfrid North is a 159 years old male from London, England, UK. Wilfrid is most well known for acting, and has 31 known credits, of which 31 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Wilfrid North’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Wilfrid North’s movies you should definitely watch The Happy Warrior (1925) Wilfrid has worked on!

  1. The Happy Warrior (1925)
  2. Hell-Bent for Heaven (1926)
  3. Red-Headed Woman (1932)
  4. Bunny and the Bunny Hug (1913)
  5. Penguin Pool Murder (1932)

1. The Happy Warrior (1925 Movie)

The best rated movie Wilfrid North has been a part of is the drama movie The Happy Warrior, where they had the role of Mr. Letham.

2. Hell-Bent for Heaven (1926)

Wilfrid North worked on this movie as .

3. Red-Headed Woman (1932)

In Red-Headed Woman Wilfrid North was worked as Toast the Knowing . This comedy, romance, rom-com movie has a rating on 7.0 on IMDb .

4. Bunny and the Bunny Hug (1913)

In Bunny and the Bunny Hug Wilfrid North had the role of .

5. Penguin Pool Murder (1932)

Wilfrid North was a part of the movie Penguin Pool Murder as Judge. This comedy, drama, mystery, romance, rom-com movie has a rating 6.9 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Wilfrid North born?

Wilfrid North’s birthday is on 16 January 1863 .

What is Wilfrid North’s gender?

Wilfrid North is male.

Where was Wilfrid North born?

Wilfrid North was born in London, England, UK.

What is Wilfrid most known for?

Wilfrid North is most known for acting. Wilfrid has worked on 31 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Wilfrid North’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is The Happy Warrior, which has a score of 0.0.

Wilfrid’s Filmography

As Mr. Letham. Malcolm McGregor joins the circus and falls in love with Olive Borden but his life changes when he finds out he is a titled Lord.

Executive producer. Sid Hunt and Jude Lowery are Carolina sweethearts but hired-hand Rufe Pryer also has his eyes on her. Rufe lies to Andy, Jude's brother, and a family-feud is started when Andy goes gunning after Sid. But Sid quiets the drunken Andy, and is taking him home when a shot is fired from ambush and Sid's horse comes home riderless. But he shows up unhurt, and the jealous-maddened Rufe sends him on a ruse to the big dam. Rufe sets off a dynamite explosion to catch Sid in the swirling waters but Jude is the one who is caught.

As Judge at Divorce Hearing (uncredited). Lil works for the Legendre Company and causes Bill to divorce Irene and marry her. She has an affair with businessman Gaerste and uses him to force society to pay attention to her.

Executive producer. Norman Winthrop, a surveyor, accidentally meets John Bunny, an Irish watchman of a building. He introduces him to Tom and Will Hawley, two of his friends, at a little poker game in which Bunny pockets all the winnings. Talking over the matter the next day, the three men agree that it would be a great joke to introduce Bunny into society.

As Judge. A young man is sentenced to prison for a term of eight years, yet he's allowed out if he promises not to get married for those eight years, lest he be forced to complete his sentence behind bars. He goes to live on an old ship in the harbor with an old sea captain. One day a homeless girl is fished out of the water and brought to live on the boat, soon marrying the young man. All is well until his parole officer finds out.

As Judge Nash. A woman is tried for the murder of her lover. Director Bayard Veiller's 1929 courtroom drama stars Norma Shearer, Lewis Stone, Lilyan Tashman and H. B. Warner.

As Tom Bradley. The Laguna Dam is to be built in Arizona to supply water to desert-land unfit for cultivation or stock-raising. Rival companies bid for the building contract, which leads to violence and danger for Bob Owen and his dog Satan.

Executive producer. John Bunny gets into an awful stew when he hears from his Aunt Eliza that she is coming to visit him and that she is bringing along her cousin, Jean, whom she wishes him to marry. He doesn't at all like the idea of abandoning his bachelor life and appeals to his friend, Jack Holmes, for aid. Jack is persuaded to masquerade as Bunny, whom his aunt has never seen, while Bunny himself gets into feminine garb and poses as the cook.

Executive producer. Bunny's niece has a beau who is so addicted to drink that her father will not permit her to marry him. He has given the lad a chance, but when he comes upon him drink again, he orders his daughter to break it all off. She goes to Uncle Bunny, who thinks up a scheme to cure the drunkard. In pursuance of this, he brings the lad, so drunk that he can't see straight, to his home and by dressing up in woman gear, and by borrowed kids, makes him think he has married a fat widow with many children. The poor lad is so greatly worried that when he wakes up next morning, he really swears off. So. in the end, the lovers are happy.

Executive producer. John Bunny has an unusually tiring days work and arrives home completely fagged out. His wife and son, Dave, have prepared a surprise for him in the shape of a dinner-party, to which several guests have been invited. Not knowing this, Bunny goes to his room and gets into bed instead of dressing for dinner. In the dining room, his wife and guests are anxiously awaiting his arrival. Mrs. Bunny turns off the lights and instructs the guests to rise and cheer when he enters the room. Then she calls to her husband. Not expecting company. Bunny descends the stairs in his pajamas and is seen by the scandalized guests. Indignant at what they consider a very poor joke, they all depart hastily, leaving Bunny to comfort his wife and explain matters as best he can. Before he goes upstairs to dress, his son, Dave, arrives with his sweetheart, who also sees him in flimsy attire and flees from the room. Dave rushes after her and explains things. After a good laugh, she consents to stay to dinner.

Executive producer. Enemy agents under the leadership of "Emanon" conspire with pacifists to keep the American defense appropriations down at a time when forces of the enemy are preparing to invade. The invasion comes, and New York, Washington, and other American cities are devastated.

Executive producer. Lillian dresses as a man to gain access to a boy's school. (from Performing Queer Female Identity on Screen: A Critical Analysis of Five Recent Films)

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