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As Counsel. Dorothy, a young girl, is seduced by her father's chauffeur. She gives birth to a child who is given to the chauffeur's wife. The chauffeur, on a drunken binge murders the child, unaware that the child is his own.

As Judge. A doctor agonises over whether to tell his son that the woman he is marrying is pregnant by another man, although this would mean breaking the hypocratic oath.

As Sir Timothy Farrar. A Lancashire mill girl has an illicit adventure with the owner's son while on holiday. Based on the once notorious Houghton play.

As Banks. Set in Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge football ground and featuring appearances from many real-life players from the day, this is the first film to feature football as its central theme and is recognisably modern and authentic. It deals with the day to day dramas, conflicts and love interests of players and managers in the run-up to the Cup Final.

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