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Abe Stern


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About Abe


8 March 1888

Place of Birth:

Hintersteinau, Germany

Abe’s Filmography

Executive producer. A 1921 Comedy short directed by Alfred J. Goulding, featuring Keystone Studios canine superstar Keystone Teddy the Wonder Dog.

Executive producer. A dishonest undertaker stirs up droll, laughable tragedy between two devoted husbands and their loyal wives in his attempt to build up an insurance sideline when the undertaker business fails.

Executive producer. The 'secretary' of a busy newspaperman is revealed to be a cherubic small child, Baby Peggy. When a rich woman's pearl necklace is stolen, Baby Peggy's employer promises to make the reporter who cracks the case Editor-in-Chief. The little girl seizes the opportunity, and - several disguises and chases later, with the grudging aid of the office-boy - duly returns with the jewels to achieve promotion, with all the adults scurrying to serve her.

Executive producer. Baby Peggy is joined by her star-making partner, Brownie the Wonder Dog and is in a circus as a junior clown.

Executive producer. "In "Queen of Aces" released through Universal she [Wanda Wiley] appears as an athletic young woman whom her prospective father-in-law characterizes as a he-woman and forbids her to come to a party in his home. Wanda puts on male attire even donning a mustache. Father takes a shine to the "boy" when "he" says the party is too tame and they slip away to a poker party. The place is raided but they make a getaway and there is a general mix- up when the "boy" is seen slipping into a girl's bedroom." - Synopsis via The Moving Picture World

Executive producer. Buster Brown gets upset when Mary Janes invites him to a party and she gives all her attention to a new boy. Mary Jane is upset because Buster got upset. Tige sets out to get Buster back in Mary Jane's good graces. A piece of tobacco in a candy sack seems like a good idea. (From IMDb)

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