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Executive producer. Medieval times. A juggler has little success making a living; he puts on a hair shirt and becomes an ascetic, but attracts only other ascetics. Finally, in desperation, he becomes a monk. He visits the other monks, who all glorify the Lady with their skills: cooking, painting, sculpture, etc. He tries helping them, but botches it. A festival is held for the Lady, and each of the monks offers his gift, but the juggler has nothing. Frustrated, he juggles for her, all night, alone.

Executive producer. The family is decorating their tree when Daddy notices the star his father made is missing. When Billy asks Mommy why this made Daddy sad, she tells him it's because the star was made by his father, their Granddad, who is in Heaven. Jeffy then has a vivid dream about Santa, and asks him in the dream to bring Granddad home from Heaven for Christmas to make Daddy happy again. When Billy learns that Jeffy thinks this really will happen, he is afraid that Jeffy's Christmas will be ruined, since Santa can't do that. Mommy tries to explain why it's not possible to Jeffy after Dolly tells her what Jeffy thinks, but he gets upset and doesn't want to hear it. That night, he gets a visit from Santa, and Granddad.

Executive producer. A young Mexican boy, son of the greatest fireworks maker in all of Mexico, saves the day when his father's fireworks fail to go off as planned at the big festival.

Executive producer. Johnny Doormat has a domineering, nagging wife. He takes his ire at her out on his office workers. His wife sees him at a tobacco shop and, through an illusion, pictures him as her television hero. But when he gets home, he has turned back into his meek, spineless self.

Executive producer. It's Thanksgiving in Bear Country, and the Bear Family get nervous when Mama Bear thinks they've gotten a sign that the "Thanksgiving Legend of Bigpaw" is coming true. The legend says that when bears get greedy and don't share their harvest, Bigpaw will come to destroy Bear Country. Eventually, the bears all learn a lesson about who Bigpaw really is, and they celebrate the holiday.

Executive producer. John's next-door neighbor tries to help him become more assertive against his wife Jane and tell her that he won't do any more housework.

Executive producer. An experimental film from Al Kouzel which edits unrelated scenes together with a camera tying them together.

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