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Alan Sidi


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About Alan

Alan Sidi was the inspirational force behind many of the films of Leeds Mercury Movie Makers, and also made well over a hundred films of his own. Always looking to come up with new ideas, he also invented a cine-sync machine to synchronise audio with 16 mm film, and devised his own “Sidi-scope” film format



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Alan’s Filmography

Executive producer. Not surprisingly, this is not your usual amateur movie of a family at home at Christmas from Leeds’ most inventive amateur filmmaker, Alan Sidi. Here Alan both introduces and postscripts his film in his characteristic relaxed manner, with a liqueur and sherry in hand. This is a family that has got Christmas off pat, with all the usual trappings, making it a highly civilised affair.

Executive producer. An extremely rare film of the alternative community that settled on the uninhabited Dorinish island off Co Mayo, owned by John Lennon and given custodianship to Sid Rawle, ‘King of the Hippies’, in 1970. Leeds’ maverick filmmaker Alan Sidi was on hand to film and interview members of the community that settled there about their way of life. He returns a year later to find just one member surviving, Tom, recounting how the promise of a non-materialistic lifestyle fell apart.

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