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Aleksandr Ignatusha


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About Aleksandr


3 November 1955

Place of Birth:

Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, USSR [now Ukraine]

Aleksandr’s Filmography

As General. A comedy about the love between a doctor who specializes in sexually transmitted diseases and an astronaut, and a covert space experiment.

Executive producer. Having buried her husband, the woman is now left alone with her teenage son. He, nevertheless, remembers all the harm she's done to him and is now taking revenge on her and everyone around...

As Броснислав. The youth field team of the Ukrainian collective farm comes to Moscow to participate in the All-Union competition of pop groups. The guys really want to win the first prize. They are also worried by others. At the Exhibition of Economic Achievements an experimental model of a tractor is presented, which is very necessary on their collective farm. But how to get this tractor to undergo field tests with them?

Executive producer. The base of rest "rainbow" comes the accountant, Peter, correct, honest and principled. He refuses to settle on base, after all audit has to be independent, as well as the auditor, especially in a housing question.

Executive producer. Young revolutionary carried out the attack. She is waiting for a death sentence. Police warden who arrested girl, gives his little son a quite unusual birthday present - takes the boy to the execution.

As Aleksandr. Ukrainian sculptor who is taking wife's death hard acquires the hope to begin a new life after appearance of Iraqi refugee. He desires to fall in love not taking into consideration the rival of young soldier.

As (voice). In 2014, the war begins. Immediately, a system of evacuation of the wounded and killed is being built, the outpost of which is the Dnieper - it is here that the first will be delivered, it is here that they are still received. Tatiana Guba has been coordinating the evacuation for 5 years. She is called "Mom Tanya". Thousands of people are grateful to her for her life. Serhiy Kryvorotchenko, director of the Dnipro Airport, has deployed a helicopter evacuation system since the beginning of the war. Eugene Titarenko, the film's director, in 2014-2015 was part of a volunteer medical battalion, communicates with the heroes of the film about the evacuation system. The viewer will see the whole way of saving lives, will be directly in the vortex of events and will understand how many people are involved in the process of saving one person.

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