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As Ad Executive. Jackie is a divorced mother of two. Isabel is the career minded girlfriend of Jackie’s ex-husband Luke, forced into the role of unwelcome stepmother to their children. But when Jackie discovers she is ill, both women realise they must put aside their differences to find a common ground and celebrate life to the fullest, while they have the chance.

Executive producer. Night Shift is a love letter to the filmmaker’s memories of her early childhood spent in their hometown of Jinan, China. It is an exploration of feelings towards how much the city has changed upon visiting Jinan again after years away.

As Lisa. An unemployed ex-office worker searching for work floats a fragile line of sanity as she struggles to find friendship and companionship. Her tenuous grasp on reality further fluctuates when a man whom she met in a restaurant and started an affair with is called to go to India for an assignment. The final straw occurs when she is evicted and moves into a sleazy hotel. She then starts seeking casual sex in unorthodox locations just to have human contact.

As Alik Silens. The lives of an assasin and her hacker girlfriend are shattered when they cross paths with a rogue cop holed up inside an S/M hotel.

As Brenda. A plague of vampirism is sweeping New York. Susan has recently been turned now she needs to find her first victim. She seduces, then infects her boyfriend Burt. He infects Jasmine, who then ravishes Kate and so it goes on.

Executive producer. A relentless hunter travels through the forest collecting antlers and discovers monstrous consequences for his actions.

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