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Alice Pehlivanyan


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As Sarah. What happened, that 24th of December? This is what officer Chartier wants to find out. To understand, he will have to go back 48 hours earlier to Franck's Christmas eve. Franck is an insignificant drama-teacher by day, but also belongs to a nameless and leaderless militant organisation - the Animal Liberation Front. These characters are bound by a limitless empathy towards mistreated animals, and will have to show courage to complete a mission they have been preparing for months.

As La femme de la boite de nuit. Emile Dutilleul, 47 years old, lives a quiet and withdrawn life in Montmartre and works as an employee in an open-plan office with an insurance company. When he meets his new, lively colleague Ariane, Emile discovers not only his inner life, but also something monstrous. He has a superpower of which he had no idea: he can walk through walls ...

As Camille. Brothers David and Matthias have contrasting personalities. Long since grown up – one with a wife, the other a girlfriend – they unintentionally meet at their parents' holiday home. Games and plots about power and dominance with unforeseen consequences.

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