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Alice Toen


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About Alice


25 July 1924

Place of Birth:


Aliceโ€™s Filmography

As Elza De Moor. Tony is a homosexual law student who quits his studies. With a van and a handful of cash, he hits the road hoping to become a salesman. This, however, turns out to be harder than he expected.

As Mia. May 1940, a mother is on the run with her two little girls. Due to a lack of gasoline she can't go far and harbours her children near a Lourdes grotto.

As Amalia Hennings/Anna Jung. The story is about six vacationers Tom, Anna, Liv, Victoria, Flo, Lenny and Jack, who have jobs in hotel 13. Tom is an inventor who has been given the message to go to hotel 13 and find room 13. Anna and Liv help him with this. There they find a passage to a dusty room with a strange mechanical device. This turns out to be a time machine with which they can go back in time. But if they change something in the past, the future can be changed with it. Jack and Mr. Leopold are constantly on their heels and they want to find room 13 too.

As Paula. When a luxury retirement home finds itself in trouble, four young offenders are brought in to do community service. But when the worlds of the young and old begin to collide, their values and expectations are put to the test. Bright, beautiful and a world away from Nordic noir...

As Moeder. First feature film from director Guido Henderickx. During a 24-hour period an intense drama unfolds between former lovers during local fair.

As Mother. The antiques shop Gerard owns should help him to get rid of his financial problems. He dreams of writing the most important Dutch novel ever. Unfortunately he spends money like water. As a result he is constantly broke. His sister Ingrid is married to Pierre. She wants a child but he refuses. While Gerard is willing to consider leading a normal life, a wish mainly expressed by his parents, Ingrid's marriage falls apart.

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