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Amarnath Mukherjee


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As Stage Show Producer. Anil, a street singer, is humiliated and driven out of Bombay along with his mother. However, he soon becomes a famous performer but the enemies from his past try to destroy his hard-earned career.

As Professor Chatterjee. In a small town a wealthy aged male named Dharmesh Saxena, known for his worship of Devi Maa Kaali, and magic, is called "Saamri". Dharmesh knows that his end is near, he summons his lawyer and wills his entire estate to his niece, Anju Trivedi. But when Mama Taklifchand, Dharmesh's step-brother, finds this out, he, together with a gorgeous young woman, Maria, a hotel owner, Khanna, professor Chatterjee, and others, kill Dharmesh, throw his body in the river, and when the body is found, inform the police and the public that Dharmesh killed himself. With the case closed, Taklifchand & the others must find ways and means to kill Anju and keep the wealth and estate for themselves. Before they could carry out their plan - one by one they start dying horrible deaths. Looks like Saamri has arisen from the grave to hunt down his killers, and there is no one who can even dare to even think of stopping him.

Executive producer. When Nabakrishna's mother died, he was just a boy. She left him enough fortune to live a well-off life. But, can money fulfil everything that one can desire in their life?

Executive producer. Nani, a witty college student lives an intriguing life with his friends and suddenly falls in love with Manasi. His life now has only one mission: to get married to Manasi. One of his friends, Dilip, comes up with different plans to help accomplish the mission.

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