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Anatoli Mateshko


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About Anatoli


29 September 1953

Place of Birth:

Hostomel, Ukraine

Anatoli’s Filmography

Executive producer. A comedy about the love between a doctor who specializes in sexually transmitted diseases and an astronaut, and a covert space experiment.

Executive producer. A strange phenomenon has been noticed on the outskirts of our Solar system that quickly approaches the Earth. It's called "Orion's Loop." A spaceship with a crew of people and androids identical to them is sent to intercept the anomaly. But strange events start happening as the spaceship approaches the mysterious loop.

Executive producer. The film is about a young trumpeter Nicholas Shevchenko. He's a talented musician, who also writes his own music, attracting the attention of the world famous musician Eugene Gaisin, who tours the city.

Executive producer. The story develops in a couple of years before the collapse of the USSR. Masha is a young, energetic girl, who has decided to make an adventurous journey across mountain Crimea. On the road she meets a funny man in a bowler hat and vest, who is trying to start his old car with a sledgehammer. Masha decided to become a fellow traveler of the mysterious mustachioed character.

Executive producer. For Ira Kolchina, everything is working out perfectly. The girlfriends are not in vain envious of her: Professor Fedorov himself offered yesterday's student work in his own clinic. Moreover, Irina will soon become a general daughter-in-law, will live in honor and affluence. But not everything came true, as dreamed. The main in the family is Izolda Genrikhovna, general. She sincerely believes that Irina should not forget about which family she was “taken” to, be thankful and behave accordingly ... Who will win in an unequal battle - a daughter-in-law or a mother-in-law?

As Vladimir Nikolaevich. On the eve of Christmas in the estate "Elysian Fields" landowner Vladimir gathered his friends - young Proinka with her father and their neighbor Vasili.

Executive producer. Peter Korolev, master of sports and future engineer-Metallurgist, thanks to his perseverance and willpower won the right to participate in international competitions in athletics. At the running competition, when it was already clear that Peter Korolev wins, one of the runners embarrassing movement knocks his opponent, the world record holder at long distances Rolf Schmidt. Noticing this, Peter stops and helps Schmidt to his feet. So began their friendship. But sport is sport. And already at the Olympic games in Moscow, Peter Korolev at the finish line bypasses his friend and worthy opponent…

Executive producer. Based on one of Turgenev's Hunter's Sketches: the Lone Wolf of the title is a forest caretaker for a flippant aristocrat. Though he lives in absolute misery in a hut deep in the woods with two small children to take care of, he's feared for his merciless stalking of the starving serfs who sneak in to cut firewood.

Executive producer. Anna is a lonely divorced woman. Maria also has no husband, but has two children. Raising two children without a husband, Mary is unhappy. She loves Nicholas. But he is married and cannot stay with her forever because of a sick daughter. After a long absence, Nikolai, unaware that Mary had died, leaves his wife. But she meets an unfamiliar woman in her house - her friend Anna, who is raising her children, and decides to stay with her ...

Executive producer. The base of rest "rainbow" comes the accountant, Peter, correct, honest and principled. He refuses to settle on base, after all audit has to be independent, as well as the auditor, especially in a housing question.

Executive producer. В захудалом бюро переводов одессит Боря случайно знакомится с переводчицей Томой. И не верит собственным глазам – Тома как две капли воды похожа на актрису Уму Турман. У Бори мгновенно рождается гениальная идея: если Тому приодеть, подучить приличным манерам, никто и не отличит ее от кинозвезды. А за встречу с настоящей Умой Турман нувориши заплатят, не скупясь...

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