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Anggia Kharisma


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About Anggia

Anggia Kharisma is an Indonesian film producer. She is the wife of director Angga Dwimas Sasongko.


3 November 1983

Place of Birth:


Anggia’s Filmography

Executive producer. A married couple prepares for the birth of their child. But conflict and chaos ensue when the wife's family gets wind of the husband's money.

Executive producer. Planning to impress his father who is coming home after being abroad for a year, Nussa the smart 9-year-old kid participates in his school’s science competition. But when he receives news that his father cancelled his trip home and is unable to attend the competition, and at the same time a new, smart student named Jonni quickly becomes his rival in the school's science competition, Nussa learns the true meaning of gratitude.

Executive producer. The level-headed owner of a struggling coffee shop finds his future at risk when his partner -- a talented but cocky barista -- makes a major bet.

Executive producer. After a betrayal at work, a finance professional becomes an assistant to a bride shaman in order to salvage her only remaining property — and love life.

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