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Executive producer. Anil, a street singer, is humiliated and driven out of Bombay along with his mother. However, he soon becomes a famous performer but the enemies from his past try to destroy his hard-earned career.

Executive producer. City boy Bakhtu, (Moammar Rana) goes to live with uncle back in the village. Here he sees Billo (Saima), his uncle's older daughter and falls in love. Terrorised by her stepmother (Bahar) and stepsisters, Billo is forced to serve as a servant in her own home. Bakhtu declares his love for her, which is not going down well with Bahar, who having seen Bakhtu, wants her own daughter Nargis married to him. On the other hand Nargis is not going to wait for dear mummy, and attempts to win him over with a sizzling dance number in the rain, but fails miserably. Things come to a boiling point when the couple are confronted by Bahar, the situation is ill-handled by Bakhtu who insults his aunt, calling her a churail (a witch) and is thrown out of the house. Bahar who want be insulted in her own home quickly makes arrangements for Billo to marry a local Chaudry.

Executive producer. A super hero films where the battle lies between good and evil. It is a story about a battered woman who goes through the painful experience of physical abuse by her lover and his companions. The rape attempt turns her into a shameful sight for her father. He ends up taking his own life, for the burden of shame is too much to bear. The physical and mental torture motivates the woman for revenge, and she who was once a happy jovial lady now becomes Hunterwali.

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