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As Carina. Tobias is in the middle of his life, works at an art museum, divorced and living with his 16-year-old daughter. His ex-wife is struggling with her new life, his brother is looking for excitement in life by being unfaithful and his daughter longs to move away from home. Close to Tobias are also the beautiful journalist Liv and the straightforward primary school teacher Graci.

As Gunilla. Two kids - about 11 years old - Marcello and Fatima, meet and like each other very much. Both have dreams and problems. Marcello wants to fly but feels like an absolutely useless human being, Fatima wants to play soccer - which is not acceptable for her Muslim family. But then they start to support each other in a very delicate and subtle manner...

As Julia. About the individuals who live in a mad-house. This kind of people usually seem to be quite normal. However, from one scene to another they may dramatically change, thereby revealing their deep problems with themselves and the society they cannot live in anymore.

As Anna. A lot of hell and very little heaven heaven among homeless and damaged characters in Stockholm. The young heroin addict couple, the slippery pimp, a mentally ill poet, are some of the personalities we are being served.

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