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Augustus E. Thomas


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Executive producer. Early film adaptation of a popular 19th century melodrama. The daughter of a wealthy man secretly marries a man below her station—one whom her father violently disapproves of. The father, in an excess of parental concern, separates the lovers by sending his daughter away so that she might forget her lover, unaware of their married state. During this time, she gives birth to a daughter. After some months, the young mother returns to her family manor and presents her father with his new granddaughter, which causes a most unfortunate scene. Unbeknownst to the young woman, her enraged father falsely accuses his son-in-law of theft and has him incarcerated in order to separate the lovers in an irrational attempt to force his daughter to forget this "unworthy" young man.

Executive producer. Young William Burroughs comes from wealth but not nobility, so despite his income he is not welcomed when he pursues Lady Elizabeth Galton, and indeed he is not only beaten by her cousin but thrown out by his own father for the disgrace he has caused. He travels to the United States where he becomes a champion prizefighter. Upon his return to England, he finds circumstances quite changed for Lady Galton and he sets out to change her circumstances further.

Executive producer. A wealthy woman moves to Appalachia to educate illiterate mountaineers, but gets caught up between two feuding families. The UCLA Film And Television Archive holds a copy.

Executive producer. Private Frank Austin, imprisoned for striking Colonel Kincaid, who was abusing a lame newsboy, escapes to Colorado. Meanwhile, Latin professor Thomas Doyle, his wife Mary and sister Kitty also move to Colorado because of Mrs. Doyle's health and are persuaded by Kincaid to buy a ranch that is worthless because it has no irrigation. While Mrs. Doyle gets well and Doyle's funds run out, Austin, on land bordering Doyle's, strikes gold and is blackmailed by Kincaid to let him have a controlling interest.

Executive producer. The feather-brained wife of the level-headed Mr. Leffingwell. As the fashionable young couple wend their way through such standard social obligations as weekend parties, tennis matches and polo games, Mrs. Leffingwell becomes innocently involved with a couple of would-be philanderers.

Executive producer. An officer in the U.S. Cavalry sacrifices his reputation to save that of the unfaithful wife of his superior officer.

Executive producer. Franti, an organ grinder of the poor districts of New York, has a daughter, Isola, who sings to his street piano's accompaniment.

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