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Aurelija Anuzhite


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About Aurelija

Aurelija Anužytė-Laucinia, Aurelija Zuperskaitė (Aurēlija Anužīte-Lauciņa; g. August 10, 1973 in Panevėžys or Druskininkai) - Lithuanian and Latvian film, television actress, TV show manager. Actor Vytautas Anuys's daughter. Born in the family of Audronė Anužytė and Silvija Zupersk. She was married to the famous Latvian actor Ivars Kalninis, and she has a son Mika. Lives in Latvia. Since 1997 she has been an actress of the New Riga Theater. Filmed in several Latvian films: "The Spider" (1992),... Read more


10 August 1973

Place of Birth:

Druskininkai, Lithuania

Aurelija’s Filmography

As Magda. In this movie (based on a true story) within a movie, a director tries to film the tale of an old KGB activist living in a parish house. In the summer of 1941 the activist tortured and killed Latvians in the cellar of the house. Although the old man hires others to brick over the cellar door, the murdered people keep coming through the stones and never leave him in peace. Unbeknownst to the film makers, the "real" KGB activist, now an aged drunk, is milling about the film set. Moreover, the director and lead actor are competing for the love of the lead actress, and the film's producer wants the director to re-shoot parts of the movie.

As Natasha. St. John’s Night is a traditional midsummer Latvian celebration where family and friends get together to build bonfires, drink and have a good time. According to a legend, on this night lovers and those who wish to fall in love can search the woods for the "magic fern".

Executive producer. An easy-going, Blue-eyed Norwegian businessman seeking fame and fortune in the post-cold-war Riga. His involvment with a beautiful young Latvian girl, get's him tangled into obscure business with the mafia, the Russian fleet and the 'Sons of Norway'

As Vita. A young woman agrees to sit as the virgin Mary for a painter. Soon after, she starts experiencing nightmares in which the painter turns into a giant spider and tries to rape her. Is this just her imagination, or is there something else to it?

As Girl on the Beach. A young pianist and a countryside girl fall in love in a village on a Baltic sea shore just days before the beginning of WWII.

As Anna. Donats is a modern-day Don Juan juggling the various women in his life seemingly without any consequences, until he falls in love with Agnese. Her husband, Ralfs, turns out to be a formidable opponent.

As Daģa kundze. Riga in the 30s. Wild bohemian lifestyle is the name of the game for every artist worth his salt. A young man from the countryside, poor but ambitious, arrives in the capital, where he hopes to make his mark in the artistic circles. What follows is a string of events, fraught with confusion and misunderstanding, hilarious and heart-warming at the same time.

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