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Ben Lemon


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About Ben Lemon

Ben Lemon is a 67 years old male from Tarrytown, New York, USA. Ben is most well known for acting, and has 7 known credits, of which 3 are movies, and 4 are TV shows.

Ben Lemon’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Ben Lemon’s movies you should definitely watch Die Hard 2 (1990), as with 7.6 it is the highest rated movie Ben has worked on!

  1. Die Hard 2 (1990)
  2. Liar Liar (1997)
  3. Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)

1. Die Hard 2 (1990 Movie)

The best rated movie Ben Lemon has been a part of is the action, thriller movie Die Hard 2, where they had the role of Sergeant. It has a rating on Friendspire of 7.6 and 7.1 on IMDb .

2. Liar Liar (1997)

Liar Liar has a rating on Friendspire of 7.5 and 6.9 on IMDb . Ben Lemon worked on this comedy movie as Randy.

3. Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)

In Hot Shots! Part Deux Ben Lemon was worked as Toast the Knowing . This action, comedy, war movie has a rating on Friendspire of 6.2 and 6.6 on IMDb .

Ben Lemon’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Ben Lemon’s shows you should definitely watch House (2004), as with 8.8 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. House (2004)
  2. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
  3. True Blood (2008)

1. House (2004)

The drama, mystery TV show House has a rating Friendspire of 8.8 and 8.7 on IMDb . Ben Lemon was Dr. Mark Andrews in this show!

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

In Star Trek: The Next Generation Ben Lemon was Jev. This action & adventure, sci-fi & fantasy show has a rating on Friendspire of 8.6 and 8.7 on IMDb .

3. True Blood (2008)

The third highest rated TV show Ben Lemon has worked on is the drama, sci-fi & fantasy, mystery series True Blood, where Ben was Jordan Hamby. It has a rating on Friendspire of 7.9 and 7.9 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Ben Lemon born?

Ben Lemon’s birthday is on 21 May 1955 .

What is Ben Lemon’s gender?

Ben Lemon is male.

Where was Ben Lemon born?

Ben Lemon was born in Tarrytown, New York, USA.

What is Ben most known for?

Ben Lemon is most known for acting. Ben has worked on 3 movies and 4 TV shows.

What is Ben Lemon’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Die Hard 2, which has a score of 7.6.

What is Ben Lemon’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is House, which has a score of 8.8.

Ben’s Filmography

As Dr. Mark Andrews. Dr. Gregory House, a drug-addicted, unconventional, misanthropic medical genius, leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey.

As Randy. Fletcher Reede is a fast-talking attorney and habitual liar. When his son Max blows out the candles on his fifth birthday he has just one wish - that his dad will stop lying for 24 hours. When Max's wish comes true, Fletcher discovers that his mouth has suddenly become his biggest liability.

As Jordan Hamby. True Blood is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball. It is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, detailing the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional, small town in northwestern Louisiana. The series centers on the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress with an otherworldly quality.

As Sergeant. Off-duty cop John McClane is gripped with a feeling of déjà vu when, on a snowy Christmas Eve in the nation’s capital, terrorists seize a major international airport, holding thousands of holiday travelers hostage. Renegade military commandos led by a murderous rogue officer plot to rescue a drug lord from justice and are prepared for every contingency except one: McClane’s smart-mouthed heroics.

Executive producer. Follow the lives of a group of teenagers living in the upscale, star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California and attending the fictitious West Beverly Hills High School and, subsequently, the fictitious California University after graduation.

As Team 2 Leader. Topper Harley is found to be working as an odd-job-man in a monastery. The CIA want him to lead a rescue mission into Iraq, to rescue the last rescue team, who went in to rescue the last rescue team—who went in to rescue hostages left behind after Desert Storm.

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