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About Ben

Ben Stobber is a Student Emmy and Broadway World award winning actor. Born in Hudson, Wisconsin but raised in the small town of Pueblo West, Colorado, he developed his passion for acting since age five through talent shows, musicals, speech & debate, and love for Shakespeare. His move to Las Vegas in 2002 brought opportunities with Paramount in Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton, followed by other local Vegas acting opportunities as a scare actor for Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Bl... Read more



Place of Birth:

Hudson, Wisconsin, USA

Ben’s Filmography

As Colonel Levinson. A large meteor shower unexpectedly bombards planet Earth. Scientists rush to the scene of the first impact and the race is on to find a solution to save humanity.

As John Dougherty. A group of new friends go camping on their last night traveling together to a music festival. They wager a free weekend pass to the winner of a ghost story contest, but a chance encounter targets them before they even get started. As the scary stories progress, the realization begins to sink in that the subject matter is perhaps more connected to reality and their current situation than they first thought. They each face different elements of fear and perception as one by one they are turned against each other.

As Atmo. The war for freedom has just begun. Trikalypse joins forces with the rebel leader and her team of freedom fighters. They must now fight back to bring Dominion down and expose him to the world.

As Police Officer. The story follows Gale as she has a brief affair with pool cleaner Adam, but quickly turns down his continued advances. Insulted at being rejected, Adam starts dating Gale's high school age daughter Becca, using her as an unsuspecting pawn in a twisted game of revenge.

As Randy the Maintenance Man. Karla, a free-lance photographer moves into a new house in Las Vegas and thinks it's haunted. A few people (a low-life thief, a creepy handy-man, an angry nosy neighbor, and a few more) get...  Β»

As Hudson. Four college guys caught cheating on their final exam are forced by their unstable teacher to perform a series of outrageously funny and sexy tasks in order to graduate.

As Buddy. A young man with Asperger's Syndrome, under the shadow of his overprotective mother, wants to live independently. A tough-as-nails teen girl has a troubled, chaotic home life. Their unlikely friendship is tainted by outsiders' suspicions and accusations.

As Charlie. Welcome to the world of the Sunset Society, a secret organization in Hollywood where parties are held, musicians gather and blood flows freely! Ace (Lemmy from "Motorhead") is the head vampire in charge who likes to keep the fun going while keeping the profile low. However, due to a few rebels in his midst, humans are starting to catch on to his vampire ways.

As Warren Fonda. When a party bus on it's way to the Burning Man music festival breaks down in the desert and in the middle of a group of Satanic devil worshippers, all hell literally breaks loose. A massacre leaves seven survivors trapped in the bus, fighting for their lives while wondering if someone or others are not who they seem.

As Doctor Tanner. An agoraphobic, aspiring author who's taken to living in a bookstore becomes convinced that one of the customers is actually the villain from one of his unfinished stories. As a result, he faces his fears in order save his daughter and the world.

As Mike. A masked killer named Pretty Boy takes a blind woman from her home in the Hollywood hills and crashes a Valentine's Day party where the bloodshed continues.

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