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Executive producer. Why are lesbians the biggest consumers of wallet chains in the country? Chained! is a fun, humorous romp through the lives of these quirky lesbians who define themselves by their chains.

Executive producer. "Before Homosexuals" is a prelude to the award-winning films, "Before Stonewall" and "After Stonewall", and together will form a trilogy. This trilogy will improve understanding and respect, while decreasing intolerance, discrimination, and violence towards gays and lesbians worldwide through proving the hypothesis that gays and lesbians have always existed in every culture throughout history and have made some of the most beautiful and powerful contributions to human history and art.

Executive producer. East L.A. Interchange follows the evolution of working-class, immigrant Boyle Heights, the oldest neighborhood in East Los Angeles from multiethnic to predominately Latino and a cradle of Mexican-American culture in the U.S. The documentary tells the story of how one neighborhood managed to survive the construction of the largest and busiest freeway interchange in the nation and explores the shifting face of community in the United States today arguing why it should matter to us all.

Executive producer. Intimacy. Ecstasy. Bliss. Sex and spiritual connection: Can one really enhance the other? This film answers with a resounding Yes! For eons heterosexual couples have benefited from the ancient practice called Tantra, this film strives to bring it to the women's community worldwide. Visit with three tantra workshop leaders who explore various aspects of lovemaking such as breathing, focusing, touching, and meditation. Some of the more explicit scenes might make you blush, but you just might leave the theater eager to try out these new tricks! Featuring out favorite former-prostitute-turned-lesbian-sex-goddess, Annie Sprinkle.

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