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As Self. Whiskey and cigarettes are his trademarks. His unique voice and his bright winning smile are his assets. Frank Sinatra is the All-American-Man: A gentleman in a suit, who can do anything but hide everything. Sinatra became popular in the 50‘s and an icon of his time. Women fell in love with him. Men wanted to be like him. The documentary ‘Frank Sinatra – The Voice of America’ takes us behind the scenes and uncovers the story around Frank’s voice: What was Francis Albert Sinatra like as a person, and where lies the key to his success? We meet the unknown man behind this winning smile and show why Sinatra became a big star, an icon and to many a hero suffering traumata, that influenced an entire era.

Executive producer. The littlest mouse disappears on the way to a family outing, temporarily putting a damper on the fun and games.

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