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Camille de Casabianca


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31 October 1960

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Camille’s Filmography

As Françoise. A clique of four young teachers at a high school looks critically at their colleagues. To avoid falling in the same routine, they bring new ideas into the school lessons and play little games and pranks in their spare time -- sometimes get even more childish than their pupils. When they get opposition from the other teachers, they play tricks to get rid of them.

As Valérie. When Valérie's husband Yves confesses he's in love with another woman, she happens into a judo club and begins lessons. She likes it, she's a natural, and she's attracted to Bruno, the quiet instructor. He likes her as well, but sees social class as a barrier, and Yves never seems to be too far away. Valérie's two close friends have their own stories: Annette is continuously looking for a husband, with little luck. Clara cares more about wealth and power, and takes up with the country's finance minister, an older man who flips for her. Meanwhile, Yves's lover doesn't seem in a hurry to leave her husband, so Valérie looks good to him from time to time. Will Bruno ever make a move?

As Rose-Marie (uncredited). In this drama that alludes to the Algerian War with France of the 1960s, Thomas is a deserter from the French Foreign Legion who is on the run from authorities. He helps damsel in distress Dominique, who has been taken hostage by a group of terrorists. Thomas is wounded but manages to escape after killing the guard who inflicted the injury. Dominique gives Thomas money to escape to France after he secures her freedom, but he is caught between the Foreign Legion and the terrorists seeking revenge.

Executive producer. In this mainstream French comedy, a television writer creates a hit series based on the experiences of her housekeeper. The writer Nathalie does this in desperation as she has a deadline and is utterly blocked. She goes to Petlet and begins transcribing her memories of the lively goings on in her rural home village. Each memory is an episode in itself, and the show becomes a smash hit, but when Petlet realizes that her boss has been cashing on her life stories and taking all the credit, she gets angry and quits leaving Nathalie with no maid and no one to watch her children. Later Petlet's adult children demand that their mother return to demand credit and a piece of the action. But Petlet remains undecided.

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